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Some Cool Products to Bring on Your Next Family Trip

Here are a few products to make your next family trip a bit more relaxing and enjoyable.

Whether you’re traveling by car, plane, boat, or train, taking a trip with your family takes a lot more planning – and packing – than traveling solo or with another adult.

Avoid Germs

If you’re traveling in the near future or planning a post-pandemic trip, it’s always a good idea to avoid germs as much as possible.

The Kooty Key is a great tool to help you avoid commonly touched public surfaces like door handles, ATM buttons, bathroom doors, and more.

The original no-touch utility tool was created in 2015 in Detroit, Michigan, and its antimicrobial properties keep germs, viruses, and bacteria from spreading.

The Kooty Key is made with a lightweight, durable plastic that can open heavy doors and includes a T-shaped handle to distribute weight evenly and not strain your hand.

It even attaches to a keychain, purse, belt loop, etc. with its key ring and badge reel for ultimate accessibility.

The Kooty Key is available at kootykey.com or Amazon in 5 colors.

Communicate Easier

Face masks are an essential for traveling during-or-after the COVID-19 pandemic, however communicating through a fabric face mask can be challenging, especially for children.

Baby Jack & Co. is solving that challenge with their “Smile Window” masks made with a transparent window of safe, breathable acrylic poly film for easy lip reading and clearer communication.

The innovative masks come in adult and kid sizes and are made of breathable, machine washable, 2-ply, micro-poly with vibrant designs created by children.

Masks are available for pre-order at babyjackandcompany.com. Smile Window masks will ship on August 26.

Bring A Piece of Home with You

Avoid feeling homesick on your travels with LifeLike Pillows by All About Vibe.

They’re the world’s first 100% custom-shaped pillow that allows you to turn your favorite images into a double-sided, ultra-soft, realistic pillow. Create a pillow of your pet, favorite family portrait, human cutout, or more to feel right at home, no matter where you are.

The LifeLike Pillows are 100% soft-velvet polyester fabric, machine washable, and handmade in Chicago with environmentally-safe, high-quality materials.

Order your fully customizable LifeLike Pillow at allaboutvibe.com.

Easier On-The-Go Diaper Changes

Anyone who has traveled with a baby knows the struggle of untimely diaper changes, and a no-snap onesie can make diaper changes on-the-go tremendously easier for parents.

Peasy Co. has created no-snap onesies that are naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, breathable, quick-drying, and provide the ultimate comfort for babies. Their innovative design doesn’t include snaps, buttons, zips, ties, magnets, or velcro.

Peasy Co. onesies are ethically made in California. Check out their tutorial to see how they work, and visit peasyco.com to purchase.

Look Great & Stay Comfortable

Planning to take your latest family photo while vacationing?

Duffield Lane’s comfortable and classic “mommy and me” pieces are perfect for family photo opportunities. The boutique clothing brand specializes in light, durable, high-quality fabrics to help you look and feel your best while relaxing or celebrating on vacation. All clothing items are sourced from small, independent, family-owned manufacturers in Peru.

Check out their classic looks for the family at duffieldlane.com.

Here’s to a safe, efficient, and memorable family vacation!


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