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Two Mesmerizing and Deadly Travel Points

Our planet is a fascinating place with numerous beautiful and breathtaking points. Even the laziest of us are inspired to visit some of them as traveling to the corners that feel like a different world is always a delightful pleasure. There can be natural wonders such as huge waterfalls, dense forests, unique lakes, as well as human-made things like Egyptian pyramids, enormous skyscrapers, and unusual kinds of architecture. They can all mesmerize you, to the point where you’ll forget how dangerous the world’s beauty can be.

Every traveler knows that there are good and bad sides to taking journeys, just like in life in general. You can win a lot of cash for your dream trip with the help of some online gambling reviews on this webpage, but then the trip will turn out to be disappointing. This duality is something worth remembering. A lot of people love to combine beauty and danger and actively search for such places, even though the results can be mixed. Let’s observe two travel destinations that aren’t discussed often and that represent both charm and risk. 

Mount Washington (New Hampshire)

Mount Washington is one of the most dangerous mountains in the world, and the reason why it’s often underestimated lies in the fact that it’s pretty small in comparison to other deadly mountains. Despite the fact that visiting it can be extremely dangerous, people still do as this mountain is a visually stunning place. Some might not even know about the danger it poses because it’s not immediately visible! So, what’s up with it?   

  • Its height is 1917 meters, but there is an unbelievable speed of wind there, with the record being 103.3 meters per second (or 372 kilometers per hour). You might simply fall over before you even understand what’s happening. The average speed of wind is 29 m/s, which will not give you any chance to not only move forward but even stand in one place. For the record, wind blowing with 25 m/s speed can demolish big buildings and uproot trees, so imagine how being on Mount Washington during the wind feels like!
  • The weather is unpredictable too as the temperature can be from -50 to +20 Celsius.
  • There is a rate of over a hundred registered deaths that happened on Mount Washington for various reasons, so considering these experiences, think twice before going.

Ilha da Queimada Grande Island

Snake Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean near Brazil. As evident from the name, the danger of this place is snakes, lots of snakes that crawl almost at every turn. People who didn’t actively research this place often think that it just has many snakes, but the truth is, snakes are the only habitats there.

In the 19th century, all 3 caretakers who were there were killed by snake’s poison. Since then, the lighthouse has been working automatically only. The government forbids visiting this island, but some guides still take curious visitors there. It’s understandable in a way, the place is beautiful and intriguing, but the death can come in a matter of minutes.

Our planet is indeed amazing, but amazing is not always safe. Enjoy your traveling but don’t underestimate the danger because it can end badly for you. If you want to visit dangerous places and feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins, choose ones that wouldn’t outright kill you. Mount Washington can be visited at certain periods, but it’s better to stay clear of the Snake Island. Even the most experienced guides are not a guarantee of your safety in such a place, so travel lots but stay rational.


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