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10 Essential Apps and Games You Need to Entertain You While Travelling

A smartphone can be a modern-day travel agent in the palm of your hand. You can book flights, plan accommodation, and reserve seats at a seaside restaurant using your phone. However, finding an affordable flight and hotel and making sure you have enough cash for your trip can be challenging. So, while many have cancelled travel plans these years due to travel restrictions, there is no time like the present for your next vacation. Travel apps for iOS and Android help you enjoy a stress-free holiday where all you should be thinking about is having a fantastic time. So here are the best tools for the digital-savvy traveller.

1 – Citymapper

Citymapper is extremely easy to use and playful, offering a detailed journey planner with more info than Google, real-time departure times and alerts, integrated Uber and even cycling routes. Citymapper is available globally in over thirty cities, with the most prominent and sought-after city-break destinations.

2 – Google Translate

The world-renowned translator can be a valuable tool that supports language learning. Still, realistically, it is beneficial and practical. You can quickly translate common words that you encounter when travelling. For instance, you can position your camera above text, and Google will translate it instantly. Therefore, the Google Translate app is essential for frequent travellers.

3 – Google Maps

Since its launch, Google Maps has been the king of navigation applications. Although the competition is forever inching closer, Google Maps offers superior directions, especially if you are going off the beaten path. Alternatives like Waze and Apple Maps do offer similar perks, obviously, but Google is very ease to use and updated often, giving you the best chance of getting where you want to go, fast.

4 – Duolingo

Duolingo has millions of registered users, and it’s an accessible and smooth language learning application. Although it isn’t designed to replace face-to-face language lessons, the practical application provides a fun way to get the basics right and freshen up your grammar and vocabulary before you embark on a holiday abroad. Like video games, the Duolingo application guides you through the various levels you need to complete before moving on and gaining experience points.

5 – Tripit

Tripit is a pocket travel agent who pulls together travel information from confirmation emails for all your flights, hotels bookings, car rentals, and events, converting them into overriding itineraries. You forward your email address to the application, and it will do the rest for you automatically. If you are travelling in a company, you can share your travel plans, making it a practical and helpful application for coordinating group trips.

6 – Airbnb

Airbnb is a very customisable database, enabling you to not only find the best and most appropriate accommodation for your needs, but also places to visit, things to do. The app is easy to navigate and use, allowing you to book there-and-then, and even create lists of places you may visit in the future.

7 – Mobile Casino Games While Travelling

Online casinos have numerous benefits, and convenience is one of the biggest. You can enjoy your favourite games while travelling, all you need is your smartphone and internet connection. So why not check out the best new mobile casino sites, whether playing through your browser or mobile app? You will undoubtedly find opportunities to take advantage of free Wi-Fi, and you can download a dedicated app at modern online casinos to improve your gaming experience.

8 – Travel Monopoly

Hasbro’s new Monopoly game might help scratch that itch of travelling while travelling. Monopoly Travel World Tour takes players on a worldwide journey to notable, must-see places. The travel edition of Monopoly allows players to buy destinations and complete travel goals.

9 – Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

For decades, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire has been a common reference point for quiz and trivia games. Beginning as a show in the 90s, it’s been adapted to suit various forms, notably now mobile. You can acquire Experts as you level up to help you answer the more challenging questions. In addition, there is a leader board where you compete to be the best in your region. It has an off-line mode for those without WiFi or signal while you’re travelling.

10 – RoadTrip Bingo

RoadTrip Bingo comes with nine-game boards and plenty of options for customising your bingo game. For example, you can focus on gas station signs the road sights or switch to aeroplane mode if you fly during your trip. As a result, there’s not much fussing around with RoadTrip Bingo like a classic road trip game.