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As mobile devices, smartphones and tablets continue to draw in more users, the question for tourism, hotel and resort marketers becomes this:

How can I reach this market? reports that ad spending on mobile devices has surpassed $100 billion worldwide. So how can you get the best bang for your marketing dollar? Use DRIFT Travel Magazine to deliver your brand message in a way that is familiar to your market and can hold the reader’s attention.

When it comes to delivering an interactive online experience, DRIFT Travel has a big advantage.  Larger ad sizes in a digital magazine take up at least half the screen; a website banner ad is typically placed on the periphery of the screen and delivers less impact. Also, a digital magazine ad gives an advertiser the ability to deliver a full message instead of just an invitation to view one. For example, a web banner ad could invite a reader to “click to read about our contest.” But a full-page digital magazine ad can have a “click to play” video explaining the contest, slideshows of hotels and resorts as well as direct links to booking pages.

The active reading style of a digital magazine experience creates more reader engagement. They’re not just “surfing” or “searching”, they are fully engaged in the content and your brand message.

DRIFT magazine generates a higher degree of reader engagement over other online advertising. Being in a magazine format, DRIFT readers expect to see the advertisement. Most often they welcome them because the ads relate directly to the articles they are reading, thus increasing the retention value for your message.