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Set sail on a memorable boating vacation with our expertly curated collection of posts. Discover the joys of life on the water as we guide you through planning the perfect boating holiday. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a newcomer to nautical adventures, our articles cover everything from choosing the right vessel to navigating different waterways. Learn about the best boating destinations, essential safety tips, and how to make the most of your time at sea. From luxurious yacht cruises to tranquil sailing trips, find inspiration and practical advice to embark on your own aquatic journey. Dive into our boating vacation guide and let the waves guide your way to an unforgettable escape.

Sail Into Paradise: Unleashing The Ultimate Greek Catamaran Charter Experience!

Have you ever wanted to go exploring the islands in Greece but were put off by the prospect of sailing because you believed it...

Unveiling the benefits and challenges of yachting

Every true sea lover seeks a chance to reunite with the sea. A time to escape from the hustling and bustling of daily life....

Luxury Houseboats: The Vacation Idea You Didn’t Know You Could Afford

Dive Into Experiential Tourism People are seeking immersive experiences that go beyond the traditional. Riding the trend of experiential tourism, houseboats are growing in popularity...

Popular Boat Rental Destinations in Florida

The best thing about living on a narrow peninsula is that you can get anywhere by boat. This means that you don’t have to...

Sailing into Opportunity: Yacht Sales in Greece

Greece, known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and Mediterranean charm, has also earned a remarkable reputation in the world of yacht sales. With...

Ignite Your Sailing Passion Barbados Sailing Week 2024 Unveiled!

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Caribbean, Barbados Sailing Week 2024, orchestrated by the Barbados Cruising Club in partnership with the Barbados Tourism...
Couple on canal boat

Canal Boat Holiday ‘Bucket List’ Guide

The ‘Seven Wonders of the Waterways’ was compiled by Robert Aickman, co-founder of the Inland Waterways Association, and published in his book ‘Know Your...

Luxury Sailing Redefined: Experience the Magnificence of MIRAGE Catamaran in Cape Town’s Waters

The 76-foot MIRAGE, a purpose-built day-sail catamaran is one of the largest, privately-owned and most luxurious catamarans in South Africa’s waters. Gracefully moored at...
Mature woman relaxing on a catamaran, taking a sunbath

Sailing: Especially for non-sailors, give the gift of a sailing vacation

Windward, leeward, jib, and jibe. This may all sound like gibberish to non-sailors, but that doesn’t mean a sailing vacation is off the table....

Top 8 Canal Boat Holidays for 2024

From rural retreats to vibrant city centres, narrowboat holiday-makers can explore Britain's peaceful 3,000-mile network of inland waterways, with the choice of hundreds of...