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5 Relaxing and Affordable Spa Destinations Around the World

In a bid to find tranquility on every budget during these difficult times, our friends at Booking.com asked international travelers to share...
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A 6-Day “Detoxing” Event in the Heart of Umbria (25th to the 30th April...

Here is a place where you go to truly find yourself. A unique location surrounded by the greenery of Umbria which is the...
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Travel for 2021 is set to take a soulful journey within

Calling Soul Seekers & Enlightened Travellers - travel for 2021 is set to take a soulful journey within.  Travellers will seek nourishment for body...
Hazelton Spa Pool

The Hazelton Hotel Unveils New Spa by Valmont

The Hazelton Hotel announces the completion of its brand-new Spa by Valmont, a key feature of its renovation project by the hotel’s...
LIVE YOGA CLASS from Wānaka, New Zealand

LIVE YOGA CLASS from Wānaka, New Zealand

Māori Yogi, Taane Mete, invites the world to join in a virtual mindfulness and yoga experience, live from the scenic backdrop of...
vistit Sweden to Alleviate Pandemic-Related Stress

Visit Sweden Shares Tips on How to Alleviate Pandemic-Related Stress

Lockdowns, isolation, and working from home have caused elevated levels of stress for many people: 45% of Americans say they experience anxiety...
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10 Social Distancing Wellness Holidays to Boost Immunity

As selected countries are now starting to reopen borders, Health and Fitness Travel, the wellness holiday specialists has seen a newfound need...
Health and Fitness Trips

10 Post-Lockdown Health and Fitness Trips to Start Planning

With a global pandemic showcasing the need to prioritise our mental and physical health, there has never been a better time to...
walking works wonders on your health

Ways Walking Works Wonders on your Health

Whilst being the most convenient way to stay fit, walking was heralded as ‘a man’s best medicine’ by Hippocrates over 2000 years...

Wellness Retreats for Serious Wellness Seekers

North Carolina Skyterra Wellness Retreat, Lake ToxawaySkyterra’s mission is to make a difference in people’s lives by demonstrating healthy,...

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