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10 family-friendly winter destinations

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With the Christmas break fast approaching many are booking a last-minute trip away or thinking about how to escape the dreary January weather.

Searches for ‘Winter holidays 2023’ have also risen by 179% in the 12 months as well as ‘Winter holidays 2024’ rising by a massive 5,700%. It looks as if many are planning their winter get away. Showing that people are looking for the best place to visit this winter.

There are many locations that you could consider for your holiday, to help you narrow down the search travel experts at SkyParkSecure reveals a new study that determines the top family friendly winter locations based on nine factors: 

  • Crime rate
  • Average cost for a meal for four
  • Number of family-friendly hotels
  • Number of activities that are good for kids
  • Pollution levels
  • Average cost of transport
  • Number of family friendly restaurants
  • Number of activities with free entry
  • Number of parks

The experts have analysed the factors to reveal the total score concluding which locations are the best in the world to visit with your family during winter.

The Top 10 family friendly winter locations

RankLocationTotal score
1.London, UK64
2.Tokyo, Japan63
3.Paris, France54
4.Hong Kong, China50
5.Prague, Czech Republic48
6.Taipei, Taiwan43
7.New York City, USA42
8.Edinburgh, UK39
9.Dubrovnik, Croatia39
10.Seoul, South Korea39

*This table shows the final score. For the full nine factors and their scores, please ask.

London takes first place for best family friendly winter location

Taking the top spot for winter family holiday locations is London, United Kingdom. The capital has the greatest number of family friendly hotels and the second highest number of restaurants.

However, London boasts the best place for kids’ activities at 707; as well as 1,000 attractions offering free entry – the most on the list, which is perfect if you’re trying to have fun on a budget.

Tokyo comes in at second place

On the other side of the globe, Tokyo placed second, with 130 parks to visit and 2858 family friendly hotels to choose from.

Tokyo would be the expensive option to visit with your family, however you can visit on a budget – you can dine out for four people for £16.16 on average (the second cheapest on the list), as well as riding around on public transport for just £3.24.

If you’d like to find out more about the top family-friendly winter destinations, follow the link here- https://www.skyparksecure.com/blog/family-friendly-winter-wonderland-destinations/