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10 Money and Time-Saving Travel Tips with Getaway Guru Colleen Kelly

Colleen Kelly

Travel Expert, Colleen Kelly, has been advising family travelers across the U.S. on Family Travel with Colleen Kelly on National Public Television for over a decade. She’s also Host of the Chicago WLS-AM travel talk radio/podcast Round Trip with Colleen Kelly and featured on numerous Chicago news stations, including WGN, NBC, and ABC. Today, Kelly addresses what’s top of mind for travelers everywhere; money and time-saving travel tips.

“With inflation at an all-time high, a booming travel scene, and it appears luggage is having a moment, I’m offering my top ten tips to save you time and money,” says travel expert Colleen Kelly. The following ten tips are for families, couples, and solo travelers who want to lessen stress and arrive happier.

1.       Luggage is having a moment, but we have a solution; digital luggage locators. Our family uses Apple Air Tags, which start at $29.99 for one or get a four-pack for $99. Samsung Galaxy and Tile Pro are a few other great alternatives. Better yet, avoid checking luggage altogether and bring a carry-on.

2.       If you and your family plan on traveling a few times a year over the next five years, a Global Entry Card, which includes TSA PreCheck, is a fabulous perk; there are shorter lines, less waiting, and you keep your shoes on. There is a background check and an application process, so if you’re not accepted, the $100 application fee is non-refundable. The good news, these credit cards cover the $100 costs: Chase Sapphire, Capital One Venture Card, and AMEX Platinum Card – annual fees may apply.

3.       Book a morning flight, as you will have more options should your flight be canceled or delayed.

4.       Tricky airline verbiage to be aware of, don’t book basic economy seats; instead, if you can, book an economy seat, which will offer more perks and flexibility. Also, we recommend non-stop flights as flight ‘dis’ connections are resulting in canceled vacations.

5.       Crosscheck prices with booking sites. I actually have one of my own, the Colleen Kelly Travel Club! Sometimes finding a place to book everything at once will simplify planning, especially if you have a busy day-to-day schedule.

6.       Speaking of hotels, certain Hilton brands, which as Embassy Suites, offer full breakfast, cocktails, and snacks – and you’ll get a bigger suite with extra privacy. This is especially helpful when you bring your family along or need to put an infant down for a nap.

7.       Shop like a local, skip the grocery stores and opt for local markets, or enjoy a nosh at a local food truck and save; plus, you’ll be doing good – supporting the local economy.

8.       If you’re in a heavily touristed area, ask a local to point you in the direction of an affordable local eatery.

9.       International cities and cities across the U.S. offer city passes. Passes are typically good for about ten days, and prices vary from city to city and country to country. They often include attractions, transportation, garden tours, and more. What’s more, you can bypass long ticket lines!

10.    If you’re traveling to a large city, it’s wise to stay in the city center. It’s convenient and walkable. You may pay a little more for your stay, but you’ll skip traffic jams and expensive uber rides to and from. Plus, many city hotels have concierge floors. Consider booking on this floor as it usually offers continental breakfasts, afternoon snacks, beverages, and other upgrades…