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 4 Best Kept Secrets to Visit in Menorca

Photo by Alberto Almajano

One of Spain’s most beloved islands, Menorca hosts some of the most beautiful weather, architecture and beaches in the Mediterranean.

Although one of Spain’s most attractive tourist destinations, Menorca still maintains a series of best kept secrets that will give you the most authentic Menorcan experience, with all of the magic of unspoilt history and culture.

If you’re planning a summer getaway to Menorca, check out these unique and underrated spots for a vacation off the beaten path.

1.      Cala Rafalet

A small bay to the east of the island, Cala Rafalet is a stunning spot for snorkelling and diving. With a rustic woodland trail down to the sea, the bay is not suitable for those with accessibility issues, but ideal for those who enjoy navigating rocky terrain, or a rambling trek.

The unspoilt beach gives access to partially submerged caves and bright blue water, so perfect for explorers and those looking to enjoy a taste of unspoilt nature.

2.      Nonna Bazaar

Situated just outside Ciutadella de Menorca, Nonna Bazaar is set within many hectares of farmland with a stunning Mediterranean menu offering homegrown produce and locally sourced dishes.

This is the perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail on a warm summer’s evening. You’ll have the opportunity to capture a glimpse of the Menorcan sunset, and create precious memories with family and friends. After 9.30pm, the restaurant transforms into a venue for dancing and celebrating, why not join in with the fun?

3.      Torre d’en Galmés

If you’re looking for a history lesson on your holiday, Torre d’en Galmes is the perfect place to view a historical relic firsthand.

The site is all that remains of a town established during the Talayotic era in 1400 BC, and is situated on a small hill with stunning views. For around four euros, you can also book an optional tour guide for some extra information about the town.

4.      Binissues

Working museums like Binissues will allow you to see traditional farming practices in action from traditional Menorcan culture. Actors dressed in period costumes demonstrate how Menorcan locals used to traditionally plough fields, sow the fields, milk the animals, and make cheese.

Additionally, other attractions like the House Museum, waterwheel and food tasting will keep you entertained as you explore. The Museum of Natural Science houses a huge collection of specimens including giant insects, mushrooms as well as butterflies, spiders and reptiles, so this is ideal for nature fanatics and children looking to learn more about nature.

Do you know of any hidden gems in Menorca? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!