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4 Best Things You Must Do in Porto, Portugal

Photo by Nick Karvounis

There is a great portion of people in this world that believe that Porto is a top summer destination. And we can proudly say that we are part of this statistic. This city is perfect in every way; historic attractions, delicious food, amazing bars, Instagrammable spots, idyllic routes, beautiful beaches and fun activities for day and night make it stand out. It is impossible to visit it and not fall in love with it. In order to ensure that you will take full advantage of your time there, we have gathered the 4 best things you must do in Porto.

1.    Wander around cute spots

Porto is a city with a strong and fun character. You should be prepared to walk a lot because this is the only certain way in which you can truly get to know it. You should go for a walk at the Cais da Ribeira, which is a busy promenade along the Douro River where you can spot the impressive Luís I Bridge, at the Pérgola da Foz, the most romantic promenade in Porto, and at the stunning Praça da Liberdade square.

2.    Admire the lofty churches

Even if you are not a religious person, you will definitely be amazed by the grandeur of the churches in Porto. The history and the architecture behind them will leave you stunned. Most of them are excellent examples of the Gothic style and date back to the Middle Ages. The Church of São Francisco, Clerigos Church and Tower, the Church of Santa Clara and the Carmo Church deserve a visit.

3.    Go swimming

As we mentioned above, Porto is a beloved summer destination. This distinction is based on the plethora of amazing beaches with crystal waters in the vicinity of the city. In order to feel the Porto summer vibes, you will need to have a vehicle to get to the beaches. Most tourists hire a car there so that they can have total control of their trip by coming to and returning from the beach whenever they like. This would not be the case if they used public transport. It is extremely easy to get a Porto car hire from Enjoy Travel as the whole process is completed online. You view all the available hire cars, compare them, book the best one for you on their site and pay for it online. Then, you pick up your car at the set date, and you can go to any beach you like. We would recommend travelling to Praia da Aguda, Praia da Granja, Praia da Baía and Praia da Memória.

4.    Visit museums

We know that museums are not synonymous with fun, but they are definitely an important item on the list of the best things you must do in Porto. The Contemporary Art Museum close to the Serralves Villa, the National Museum of Soares dos Reis, the FC Porto Museum and the Museum-Residence of Guerra Junqueiro are important venues to visit.