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4 Wonderful Places You Have to Visit in Macedonia

Macedonia is a fascinating country to explore, but it still isn’t one of the most visited destinations. Its obscurity is a thing since people don’t know that the area is blessed with an intoxicating cultural mix, tapping from Balkan and Mediterranean influences. This country is home to many tourist attractions but little-known destinations.

Macedonia overflows with incredible beauty, from its aesthetics to pretty women and the natural, historic sites. Furthermore, the mountainous landscape in Macedonia houses glittering lakes and tinkling waterfalls. You will also find hiking trails that pass through beautiful hills and valleys. 

Even though Macedonia is home to a lot of archeological ruins, it undoubtedly provides beautiful scenery. So if you are artsy, get ready to be absorbed in any of its many art galleries and beautiful buildings with relaxing colors. In essence, if you want to go on a vacation after you find a wife online, think Macedonia; and while there, ensure to visit these four places: 

  1. Strumica

Strumica is the largest city located in southeastern North Macedonia. It is famous for the beautiful Byzantine monasteries that line its outskirts. Also, the surrounding countryside is full of fantasy-like waterfalls and mountains. When you visit Strumica, it will feel like you just entered a Disney animation movie.

Strumica is a quiet city. It is also home to surprisingly beautiful ruins and sites that date back to the 5th century, such as the Roman Therma and Carveli Kuli Fortress. However, many people pass by this beautiful city and see it only as a border into Bulgaria, while there are many sights to behold that could awe them.

The city bubbles during the Strumica Carnival, and that is the best time to visit it. If you’ve ever asked, “Are mail order brides real?”, a visit to Strumica will clear your doubts. Many women in this city are on mail-order platforms, and you can meet them while partying with locals and enjoying music and cultural events. Finally, art lovers and people seeking new friendships will love Strumica, so if you intend to find love abroad, make it your next stop.

  1. Prilep

Prilep is located beneath a bare hill that shows off the remains of what used to be a fortress. The city was once the ruling seat of a medieval kingdom. So, you will find many aesthetically pleasing and fantastic churches and monasteries there. 

If you also want to see a view of the entire city of Prilep, take a hike to the fortress. There, you will get exposed to a fabulous and wholesome view of the city. Additionally, you will see many strange but fantastic rock formations, such as the captivating Stone Elephant. 

The view that Prilep offers is surreal and its ambiance is excellent if you seek a quiet place after getting a wife for sale. Furthermore, if you want to tour churches, you will have a field day in Prilep as it is home to several churches, each with their unique characteristics. You should also plan to visit The Sv. Blagoveshtenie Church, which happens to be a significant highlight of the city with its beautiful galleries and wood carvings.

  1. Mavrovo National Park

Mavrovo national park is the largest national park in Macedonia, and it has a lot to offer to outdoor lovers. You can view its splendid scenery on horseback, kayak, or skis with legit mail order brides, and also on a mountain bike or foot. No matter the mode of transport you choose, there are many things on which to feed your eyes.

Part of the scenery is the country’s largest artificial lake. While taking a boat cruise on the calm waters, you will see the partly submerged St. Nicholas Church, which is an incredible sight. Mavrovo is a fantastic park to visit because it houses some of the country’s highest peaks. Also, the views from the park are wholesome. Finally, if you are an active person, you will be delighted to learn that there are plenty of rocks to climb and peaks for skiing.

  1. Lake Ohrid
Places You Have to Visit in Macedonia

Lake Ohrid lies on the border between Macedonia and Albania. It is spectacular with its beautiful, clear, blue waters which glisten in the sun surrounded by mountains. However, tourists are only now returning to its shores after avoiding it since the ’90s. So, it is advisable to visit the area now that the water is still clear and uncontaminated.

Lake Ohrid also happens to be one of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe. It is an important spot because of its biodiverse ecosystem. This lake is home to a wide variety of species that are  critical to the area, such as freshwater snails and predatory fishes.

Furthermore, its shoreline is picture-perfect, and it has villages and towns around, hidden behind dense forests and straddling peaceful beaches. The regular watersports and boat trips complement the scenery. So if you pass through Macedonia with your family, a trip to Lake Ohrid will spark an unprecedented bonding experience with your loved ones.


Macedonia is a beautiful country to explore. People can find here Macedonian women and other foreign sweethearts that will become their life partners. Whether you want to meet new women or need a place to relax, you can find almost everything there. Cities like Prilep will help you get into that creative funk, while Lake Ohrid will help you appreciate mother nature and bond with your loved ones. So, if you are planning a vacation soon, add a stop in Macedonia to your program.