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5 Best NFL Stadiums to Visit If You Love Football

Photo by Adrian Curiel

Every football fan dreams of watching their favorite team conquer the game; however, the stadiums are always packed to the brim during the season. One might miss the chance to see the stadiums in all their magic and glory.

The NFL has stadiums that range from ancient to esteemed and unknown and some that offer cutting-edge experiences.

Most football fans attend the Super Bowl to experience the stadium and surrounding atmosphere. As a football fan, here are five stadiums you should endeavor to visit at least once, even if you are not watching a game.

 Lambeau Field, Green Bay Packers

This is the longest-occupied NFL stadium with 61 years, and the first NFL game played back in 1957 under its belt. With its frozen tundra, everyone can agree that Lambeau field is the best NFL stadium. While it lacks the futuristic feel that new stadiums exude, the Lambeau field retains a retro look and feel that has preserved its history.

Despite renovations in 2003 and 2015, this stadium retains its original bowl seating. Despite cold temperatures during the winter, this field is often packed and boasts sold-out games and waiting lists for over three decades. The stadium seats around 80,000 and has food options that honor tradition. History dictates that this is the best NFL Stadium.

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City Chiefs

Considered one of the loudest stadiums, Arrowhead is known for its loyal and loud fans. Since the Chiefs are currently one of the best teams in the league and are among the top five favorites in the NFL lines to win the Super Bowl, it is expected this arena will be a place to experience great competitive games in the next months.

It is surrounded by parking lots, thus creating one of the most energetic and crazy atmospheres. Crowd noise characterizes this stadium so much that Guinness World Record noted it as the loudest stadium registering 142 decibels.

It is one of the hardest stadiums to come into play, designed to keep the noise in due to its known dedicated and passionate fans. This stadium has been open for about 45 years; therefore, it has its classic allure. Every football fan who visits understands why it remains undefeated despite the lack of success in the recent past. The stadium serves Kansas’s finest barbeque and honors American Southwest cuisine.  

Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans Saints

This stadium is one of the most modern-looking fields with a futuristic design, and the façade is made of alternating wrapped metal panels shaped as a falcon’s wing. Its design is impeccable and lives up to its name, with large windows that let light through and wrap up the stadium. These transparent windows allow natural light while giving spectacular views of the Atlanta skyline.

No other stadium or city can live through its team as Mercedes-Benz has. Its reputation precedes it; having one of the best home teams, the Saints and the stadium have created a hostile environment for any opposing teams. Their excitement and noise level can only be matched with Qwest, especially with Saint’s recent success.

MetLife Stadium, New York Giants/Jets

This stadium is one of the largest in the world, with a capacity of nearly 82,000, known for its over-the-top style and fun. It is a must-see for any football fan who would spare no expense for an all-out experience. It hosts two major NFL teams, the New Your Jets and the New York Giants, and spared no expense, building at around $1.6 billion. It embodies class and style with luxurious suites with over 2000 HD TVs.

It is a new stadium that has already established itself as a must-visit, always filled with New York passionate and budding fans. It hosted the 2014 Super Bowl and received critical acclaim. It has since replaced the old Giants stadium; all those planning to visit should be aware of New York fans.

AT&T Stadium – Dallas Cowboys

This stadium was constructed in 2009, so it’s relatively new and makes it a good experience to watch football in Texas. It has a large sitting capacity to handle large sporting events such as the World Cup, the Basketball Final Four, and the upcoming Wrestle mania. It is nicknamed “Jerryworld’ for the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, who envisioned creating a stadium for the fans.

It is the only venue that can sit a crowd of 100, 000 and on its opening, it was crowned for having the World’s Largest HD Video Display for the video screen that hangs above the playing surface. The Dallas Cowboys have had recent struggles; therefore, the most memorable moments in NFL on this stadium have been made by opposing teams. Aaron Rodgers made history when he won his only Super Bowl at AT&T in 2011.

Every fan should visit these NFL stadiums without a game to bask in their glory. As we gear up for the upcoming Super Bowl, most fans look forward to experiencing the Lucas Oil Stadium and its surrounding atmosphere. Stadiums have their own stories, and each carries its history, charm, and elegance that football fans enjoy.