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5 good reasons to move to Florida

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Beneficial points of the “Sunny State”

Do you dream of a place where you could swim with dolphins, attend a professional football match and drink a cup of coffee during the break – all on the same day? Then Florida is the place for you!

The sunny state is replete with entertainment venues, diverse cuisine and a sufficient number of interesting places. If you have always wanted to wear shorts or a swimsuit all year round, exploring 5 main benefits of moving to the Sunny State for good. With a great pleasure, the official website Florida.RealEstate shares information about it.

Famous for its stunning beaches, mild climate and the birthplace of different amusement parks, such as Disneyland, Florida is a wonderful place to live and has long attracted those looking for a calm but lively place to call home.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the sunny state has become much more popular with both Americans and foreign citizens. In 2022, about 900 people a day are coming here from New York and New Jersey for tax reasons. However, there are plenty of cons why people prefer to live here.

Top 5 reasons to move to Florida

Summer all year round

The local climate is extremely attractive to most people. Most of Florida has a subtropical or tropical climate. You should be prepared for the fact that it is warm and humid here most of the year.

The period of rains from May to October helps maintain the rich flora in the state. Tropical plants and flowers grow here, and parks and gardens flourish most of the year. The air here is filled with the aromas of flowers, herbs and spices.

Although there is a great risk of devastating hurricanes here. On average, only one or two hurricanes hit the east coast of America every year, of which only 40% hit Florida.

Amazing beaches and delicious cuisine

Pristine beaches are one of Florida’s top attractions, and there are at least 663 miles of beaches. Famous beaches include Clearwater, Delray, and, of course, Palm Beach. Siesta Key has received awards for the world’s softest and whitest sand.

Just imagine for a moment endless beaches with snow-white sand, fine as crumbly powder, green fluffy palm trees leaning over the water, and warm waves gently running onto the shore. And all this is literally next door — 10 minutes from home or 5 minutes from work. You can spend time and take a break or have lunch on the beach. However, the most important thing is not to forget to return to the office. 

All along the coast, you can find some of the freshest seafood the country has to offer, and the best part is that you do not have to visit a gourmet restaurant to sink your teeth into an artfully prepared black bass sandwich. The best-kept culinary secret is seafood dives hidden in many secluded sleepy beach towns.

More affordable real estate than in other states

This is a big plus for many people who want to move to Florida for permanent residence. If you are thinking about residing to this place, you will be impressed with what you can buy here.

Large areas of land and low cost of living contribute to this. Moreover, real estate in Florida is very spacious, with plenty of space for entertainment and ending disputes about who will sleep in the pantry. You can look here if you want to know more info >.

A tax-free state

It is one of 7 states that does not charge individual income tax. This is a huge plus for everyone who moves to Florida from abroad.

Disneyland and other amusement parks

It is hard to list all the amusement parks in the sunny state, and to visit everything and ride on all the attractions, life may not be enough. 

Disneyland is Florida’s most famous landmark and continues to attract tourists from around the world. It is truly a magical place, surrounded by miles of stunningly well-kept territory. There is a special condition for residents: a 3-day Discover Disney ticket.

Here, you can participate in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” battles, greet all American presidents, spin with Peter Pan over the Thames and London or with Harry Potter over Hogwarts.

One of the most interesting parks is Busch Gardens, where you can go on safari, kiss a giraffe and see a lot of exotic African animals.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning the Weeki Wachee Springs Mermaid Park. If you are sure that mermaids are a figment of the sailors’ imagination, visit this park! Weeki Wachee is a magical underwater world of mermaids, manatees, turtles and bubbles.

Well, have you decided to move to Florida and are you packing your bags?

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