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5 Reasons Food Tours Are the Best Ways to Explore New York City

When people think of New York City, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is – apart from the iconic Statue of Liberty – that scrumptious and gooey NYC cookie. And how can we forget the latest NYC cupcake craze?

You can learn (and taste) all about it through this Сupcake tour NYC. But while we are on the topic of cupcakes, let’s discuss how food tours are truly the best way to explore New York City. Keep reading!

  1. Learn the History Through Food

New York City is the most diverse place in the world. Its people come from all cultures, religions, and backgrounds, so it’s natural that food from all over the world is also present in this beautiful urban city.

You will find Chinese, Italian, Pakistani, and all kinds of cuisines. You will also come across innovative New York creations like the NYC cookie, cupcake, and cheesecake. All of these food items really teach you a lot about NYC and its history. This place is made of a diversity of people — it’s where the world comes together.

  1. Discover Your Interests

When at home, we like sticking to our favorite stuff. A bowl of Mac and cheese or fast food takeouts make up most of our meals. We know what we really like in our city and we automatically go for it.

But when visiting new places, we have the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and explore what we like beyond the usual stuff. Do you like spicy Indian curries or Mexican burritos? How will you know when you haven’t tasted it yet? Fortunately, New York brings all these cuisines in one place so you can discover your food interests further. 

  1. Meet New People

The best tours aren’t only about sightseeing and shopping. They are about finding the hidden food treasures of New York City and making some lifelong pals. On your food tour, you will be accompanied by some fellow food and travel enthusiasts. Eating new food together and reviewing them is one of the most amazing ways to spark friendship. You will make wonderful memories, and who knows, you might even plan more food tours together. 

  1. Explore NYC’s Best Spots

New York’s best eateries are located right beside iconic sights and places. For example, the Cheeseboat Hell’s Kitchen is present near Times Square, and the Manhatta has the most amazing view of NYC. You can do both — try food and see New York City. This is what makes food tours absolutely worth it. You get maximum value for your money!

  1. Create Iconic Memories 

Lastly, let us not forget that food tours help you form cherishable memories. The moment you taste the New York-style hot dog or pizza will forever bring a smile to your face. You might even recreate it for your friends and family at home. And if you’re a social media influencer, the photos of those mouth-watering NYC street food will amaze both you and your audience. Every time you look at your feed, you will be reminded of those great times and travel experiences!