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5 Tips to Make Your Flight More Enjoyable

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The discomfort of being squeezed into an airplane with numerous other travelers can be daunting. Nonetheless, the anticipation of unwinding or vacationing at your ideal location, possibly on a picturesque tropical island, can make enduring those long and uneasy flights more rewarding. If aircraft leasing is not in your future, here are some ways to elevate your in-flight experience.

Select Your Seat with Caution

Checking seat map websites is a wise move when selecting your seat, particularly for long-distance journeys. For short flights of an hour or less, it might not be as critical if you’re seated near the galley with limited legroom; the trip will be over before any discomfort becomes bothersome.

On the other hand, for extended flights, that bit of extra legroom can mean the difference between catching some quality sleep and ending up with swollen feet upon landing. When picking a seat, keep your preferences in mind.  You might want quick exit access to disembark faster.  If frequent bathroom breaks are a priority for you, then an aisle seat would be your best bet.

Opt for Charter Flights

Traveling by private flight is among the most secure means of transport. A Certified aviation company is obligated to meet stringent safety regulations and procedures before being approved for operation.

In addition, using private jets and taking off from dedicated private jet terminals (also known as fixed base operators) minimizes the amount of people and surfaces you come in contact with pre- and post-flight. This not only streamlines the travel process but also provides an added layer of protection against viral transmission for you and your fellow passengers.

Having access to a dedicated private jet terminal will also provide you with the option of traveling directly to your plane, so whichever form of airport transportation you use can drop you off right at your private terminal rather than at the front of the airport. So, you can essentially step out of your residence and into your limousine, and your next stop would be plane-side on the tarmac without having to deal with any of the typical airport dilemmas.

Bring Along Some Snacks

The meals served on flights often fall short when it comes to taste and healthiness, compared to homemade food. As a result, it might be a good idea to bring along some snacks to satiate your hunger later on, post-nap, or in case the airplane meal doesn’t meet your expectations.

Another alternative could be to request a vegetarian meal, which not only may get you served earlier but also tends to be more substantial than the portions offered to meat eaters. Remember to pack some snacks to enhance your in-flight entertainment experience too. Opting for foods like ice cream and curry can be a great choice over carb-rich foods due to their lesser chances of causing bloating.

Stretch Your Muscles and Stroll About

Being seated for extended periods is not just uncomfortable, it can also lead to potentially harmful blood clots. Make an effort to rise, roam about and flex your muscles as frequently as possible while adhering to the seatbelt sign regulations.

Some airlines offer exercise suggestions via their inflight magazine or on a TV channel. If you’re lacking ideas, you can always rotate your upper body, hug yourself, extend your legs, circle your head and ankles, or stand and tiptoe bounce.

Stay Hydrated

Airplane cabins are typically very dry, which can significantly increase the risk of dehydration. To counter this, consume water frequently and gradually, while limiting intake of beverages like tea, coffee, and alcohol that could further dehydrate you. If possible, bring a water bottle with you on the plane; remember that due to liquid restrictions, it may need to be bought at the airport and remain sealed until you’re aboard the aircraft.

Carrying an empty plastic bottle in your carry-on luggage also allows you to store any water distributed by the flight attendants, ensuring you always have a supply between their cart rounds. The dry cabin air might also affect your skin; consider bringing a small tube of moisturizer and eye drops if you tend to suffer from dry eyes.


The thrill of journeying to those stunning islands and vacation spots you’ve always fantasized about can be incredibly exhilarating. Take note of these suggestions for a seamless flight experience, ensuring your dream holiday gets off on the right foot.