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6 Advantages Of Secluded Places And How To Discover Them

There is nothing more exciting or adventurous than discovering a secluded place! If you live in the area, this may become your new local hidden gem, and when you’re on holiday, it truly feels like you’ve stumbled upon a treasure nobody else knows about. How do you go about finding secret locations? Here are some ways you can discover secluded, hidden spots and their advantages. 

  1. They Are Usually Quiet

Traveling off-season is an excellent way to explore a new area – or rediscover somewhere you’ve visited before! The unusual experience of being a tourist without other tourists means that the locals continue their normal lives without needing to put on any show for tourists.

Though it is not bad to want to impress tourists, some towns and cities can feel completely different without the presence of tourists. The locals may be friendlier, more relaxed in their own space, and perhaps even feel sorry for you that you’re there without the “proper atmosphere”.

Despite not being aware that you might be traveling intentionally out of peak season, they may direct you to some places you can spend some time. And without other tourists, they are definitely likely to show you to some hidden spots where they can be assured there are people – the locals!

  1. You Know It Will Be Good

If you’re in the Florida area and are wanting to go to the beach, for instance, there are hundreds of places that are suggested for tourists to visit. The professionals at Navarre Beach Insider stress that you will not have to question whether these secluded spots are worth your time. Using an insider’s list will definitely help you narrow down, and you won’t have to deal with the frustration of planning your trip from a very general list of “places to go”. Focus on the ones that sound the most exciting and worthy of your precious travel time!

  1. Go Where The Locals Go

There are many Facebook groups created which have extensive tips and hidden spots for each travel destination. And although recommendations from people who have inside knowledge from a previous visit. no advice compares to talking with the locals. Chatting to the locals to get recommendations is a fantastic way to get the inner scoop on where it is good to go! Be open to talking to strangers, smile and be friendly, and always remember and treat the locals like you are a guest in their home.

  1.  More Natural Experience Of The Area

When areas are not overrun by tourists, you will find the off-the-beaten-track not only being much quieter but also a much more realistic, natural experience of the area. Keep in mind if you are on a traveling timeline that it will take you time wandering off the path less traveled. Because of this, you’ll need to be comfortable with getting lost, and give yourself lots of time. Leave your guidebook at the accommodation where you’re staying, choose not to plan anything for a day or two, and go exploring! 

  1. Protect The Hidden Gems

If there are large crowds moving in the same direction, other travelers might start to get suspicious and follow the trend! You can help protect the hidden gems from becoming overrun by tourists in an unorthodox way: by traveling like the locals. Whether this is renting a scooter, riding a bicycle, or walking – try to blend in with the locals by doing your best not to attract public attention.

A secret traveler’s tip that some might not be aware of is that Google Maps is littered with pin drops and random locations of recommended spots. Though not all of them will be quality, check in your area if there are any places labeled “hidden gem” or “secret beach”. Take the risk (within reason) and enjoy how the “uncertainties” in your travels become your most rewarding!

  1. Enjoy Being On The Inside

Other tourists will only know about secluded spots if we tell them. This may seem a bit selfish, we know, but when you’re in a tourist destination, there is nothing better than to escape from the crowds. If you have found a spot you love, this one is for you!

Hidden gems are likely to stay unknown unless other tourists, even us, give away the secret. Keeping the tradition of secluded spots hidden, even if it’s only the best one!) helps you know that your secret spot will stay just that, unknown! Being able to return to an area knowing that all the above-mentioned reasons why you love it, will stay this way, is one of the best things! With a quiet, natural, and undisturbed spot to return to you will be keener to go back and enjoy these secret spots for yourself (and those you trust to keep the secret).


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