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6 Best Countries to Meet a Wife

When we talk about the best countries to meet a wife, most guys think about romantic destinations such as France, Italy, or Spain. Truth be told, all these places are fantastic for vacation, and locals are more than passionate. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be in a lucky marriage after hooking up with a French lady.

No, you should look much broader when looking for a partner. You should look toward countries that are extremely conservative, have a strong moral compass, and, if possible, aren’t that economically stable. In other words, you need to find a woman who will respect you and look at you as a saviour of a kind.

You can find your mail-order wife by using particular sites. These ladies use this platform to meet guys from the US, Australia, Canada, and other Western countries and start a new life with them. In this guide, we’ll talk about these foreign brides and we’ll list the best countries for meeting these beauties.

What Makes a Country Good for Finding a Wife?

As mentioned, not every country is suitable for finding a future bride. Basically, you need to stay away from liberal, progressive regions, as most girls here don’t fully understand the burden of a marriage. The common thing for liberal countries is that many of their youngsters are spoiled and selfish, making them a subpar choice for tying the knot.

That being said, here are a few things that will tell you whether a country is good or not for seeking a wife:

  • You need to focus on regions that have low living standards. Basically, you need to think about the process of mail-order brides as a type of financial agreement where you’ll trade money for her beauty and youth
  • Most importantly, you need to focus on countries that are very conservative. Ladies hailing from these regions take good care of their husbands and make for fantastic mothers. Furthermore, they’re less likely to cheat and ask for a divorce
  • You also need to consider whether a guy such as yourself would be attractive on the local sexual market. For example, ladies in Asia are extremely interested in white guys, especially if they’re also blonde and with blue eyes
  • Of course, the surefire solution is to pinpoint countries that have a history of mail-order brides. Most people in these countries know someone who has used it in the past, so they won’t be as timid when they meet you

The process of meeting mail-order brides is mainly done online but you might also get lucky during a prolonged visit to one of these countries.

6 Top Countries to Meet a Wife

Without further ado, these are the best places to meet your future bride!


When we talk about the most beautiful ladies in the world, we often think of the Eastern Bloc and countries such as Ukraine. Single women and Ukrainian brides are downright marvelous, being characterized by long blond hair and lanky bodies. Despite what you might think, Ukrainians aren’t that tall, making these girls a great choice for shorter men.

Ukrainian women follow a strict family code and are very conservative. Similar to other East and Southeast European countries, the liberal movement from the West hasn’t hit this country. Ladies do many things the same way as their mothers, although they’re in tune with popular culture, movies, and music.


Everything that has been said about Ukraine can be applied to its northern neighbor, Russia. These two countries share similar genealogy, meaning that it’s really hard to tell the difference between ladies from these two countries. Even their languages are relatively similar, although Russians handle English a tad bit worse.

Russian vixens are often characterized as strict, although this isn’t actually the case. Yes, they might be a bit rough around the edges when you first meet them but, in time, you’ll get to their soft side. As for their mothering methods, they use a combination of love and discipline helping raise a strong offspring.


Thailand is commonly known as a tourist destination where Western men go to have sex. However, they also have a history of mail-order brides and love to date foreigners. Their women are relatively small in stature and have beautiful dark eyes and hair. These ladies are rather peaceful, relaxed, and always smiling.

While these Oriental jewels are mostly motivated by money and want to escape their poor reality, they also like the appearance of Western men. White guys with blonde wavy hair are especially popular, and locals deem them exotic. Because of that, marriages between Thai women and Westerners usually last very long.

The Philippines

Ladies from these Pacific islands share many similarities with Thais. They’re calm, collected, and somewhat socially timid. They love men who take charge, and while they can be loud, they are nowhere near American women. The Filipinos have large families, and your future bride will likely expect to have numerous kids with you.

It’s also worth noting that Filipinas are deeply religious. Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion on these islands, which is why most of these ladies have a strong moral compass. They aren’t the type to cheat on you or cause all sorts of mess. Instead, they’ll be as devout as possible to their men and the kids.


Out of all the mail-order bride countries, Colombia is the closest one (except for Mexico). So, if you prefer meeting with these ladies face-to-face, we suggest you focus on these firecrackers. Like all Latinas, Colombianas are extremely temperamental and make for great lovers. They love partying and dancing, so you’ll have to match her energy.

While some guys consider this temperament worrisome and a potential indication of infidelity, this usually isn’t the case. Ladies from this country are extremely loyal as long as you’re good to them. Most of them dream of becoming mothers, and they prioritize kids over everything else in life.


The last entry on our list is Venezuela. As you can presume, girls from this country share numerous similarities with Colombianas. They’re passionate, relentless, and can sometimes be a handful. Nevertheless, they’re generally tidy and will make a nice home for their men and the kids.

Given the rough situation in the country, many of these ladies are looking to escape their reality through mail-order bride dating. As such, they would be more than grateful to meet a guy from the US or Canada and start a family with them.