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6 DIY Toys to Keep Your Kids Entertained While On-The-Go

Parents often find it challenging to keep their children engaged, especially when on the move. Jennifer Stalley, the innovative mind and founder of Meemzy Magic, has come up with creative ways to integrate fun activities into a busy lifestyle. 

Jennifer shares her magic below:

1. Mini Coloring Boxes

Transform an ordinary first aid kit box into a portable art studio. Stalley suggests, “It’s compact enough to slide into your bag, ensuring boredom never stands a chance. Just remember, crayons and hot cars don’t mix!”

2. Popsicle Stick Puzzles 

Jennifer advises, “Engage your little ones with personalized puzzles crafted from popsicle sticks. Start by selecting charming 4×6 pictures, then carefully cut them into sections slightly narrower than the width of a standard craft popsicle stick. Secure the strips onto the sticks using Mod Podge for durability. These delightful puzzles conveniently fit into sandwich bag ziplocks or petite boxes, making them extra convenient.”

3. Travel Lego Boxes

Stalley recommends, “Elevate your Lego adventures with a bespoke play space. Begin by measuring the flat surface area of a pencil box, then tailor your Lego plate to fit those dimensions precisely. Secure the Lego piece to the box’s lid using hot glue, ensuring a sturdy bond. Repeat the process for the box’s interior, providing ample room for creative construction and unrestricted play. After playtime, neatly stow all pieces inside the box for convenient storage.”

4. Search and Find Rice Bags

“Create a sensory treasure hunt by burying trinkets in a rice-filled bag. Start by assembling an array of tiny treasures such as letters, beads, Legos, or toys, and place them inside a sturdy plastic bag. Then, fill the bag with rice until it’s brimming with excitement. Seal the bag securely with glue or masking tape to prevent premature peeking. Now, challenge your kids to uncover the hidden treasures,” says Jennifer. 

5. Mess-Free Sensory Bins

While traditional sensory bins may seem impractical for on-the-go fun, with ingenuity, you can create a mess-free sensory experience with minimal cleanup hassle. 

“Begin by selecting a compact container such as a pencil box, kids’ shoe box, or plastic tub. Fill it with cut-up cardboard tubes, straws, shredded paper, cotton balls, bottle caps, or yarn. Add small plastic animals, vehicles, jingle bells, novelty erasers, feathers, or figurines. For an added dimension of creativity, include items like paintbrushes, training chopsticks, small plastic or wooden spoons, and tweezers. You’ve now got yourself a fun sensory bin ready for any trip,” says Jennifer.

6. Pattern Picture Felt Board

Transform a simple picture frame into a captivating tactile canvas. Jennifer suggests starting by acquiring a small picture frame of your choice. “Carefully detach the plastic insert from the frame and lay it over your selected felt. Using a rotary cutter, delicately trace along the edges of the plastic piece. Next, apply a thin, even layer of Mod Podge onto the frame’s backing, paying close attention to the edges. Once prepared, carefully unfold the felt, aligning the corners precisely, and gently press it onto the backing. Repeat this process for the other side and you will soon have a double-sided felt board ready to go.