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6 Important Things You Should Do After Bike Injury In Houston

As a road user, your chances of being involved in a road-related accident increase whenever you’re commuting, not minding the medium of transportation you’re using. As a cyclist, you’re using one of the safest means of transport in the world, but you can still be involved in a road accident or head-on collision and get wounded in the process. 

On the off-chance that you find yourself biking in Houston, get involved in an accident, and injured in the process, here are some steps you need to take afterward.

Seek Medical Help

The only instinct that should be running through your mind after an accident is survival. When a car knocks you off your bike and you land on the roadside, one thing you need to do first is to assess yourself to know the extent of the injury sustained. Then you can proceed to call for medical help and let the 911 responder know the injuries sustained. 

If you sustained a minor injury, do not dismiss it as a flesh wound. Let medical examiners look at it, run tests and x-rays to determine the full extent of your damage. You might be harboring a concussion or internal bleeding, which may not be too evident until you are correctly diagnosed. Your recovery process from the injuries will be based on what the doctor observed from the tests and x-rays, not your guesswork. Also, your medical record signed off on by a doctor during the treatment will be helpful when you want to file for compensation with the insurer.

Document The Accident

In a situation where you can still move after the bike crash, take stock of the accident, take pictures of your damaged bike, the car, or truck that hit you, if you are able. This is an excellent way to help you keep track of the sequence of events after the accident, so you know who to address your compensation claim to when you want to seek financial redress for your injuries. 

If you cannot document the accident, make sure that an officer is on the scene as it is a standard practice for the police to investigate an accident. When you are demanding an ambulance, request for police to be present in the background too. They will investigate the accident, interview, collect contact details of everyone involved in the accident and write a report on it, which can be made available to you as a victim.

Speak to an Attorney

Having to treat a broken rib, deal with multiple stitches, and a damaged bike due to a driver’s recklessness, you want some compensation for the trauma. To know the merits of your case, you can either research it or consult an attorney. 

If you decide on the latter, it is best to reach out to a bicycle accident attorney in Houston, as they have the right expertise, know how much your claim is worth, and navigate the compensation claim process.

Contact the Insurance Company

This is very important. Suppose your bike is damaged beyond repair, and you have a policy on it for accidental damages. When that happens, then you should reach out to your insurer within forty-eight hours as they would need to investigate the accident before cutting you a check to get a new bike. 

Also, you or your lawyer must reach out to the at-fault party’s insurance company, inform them of their client’s atrocities, and file a compensation claim for economic and non-economic damages.

Gather Your Evidence

This is a crucial step for you if you plan to seek compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company regarding the injuries sustained in the accident. You can start from a police report of the accident, get it and see if witnesses can talk to you for corroboration on how the accident happened.

Also, your evidence gathering should include your medical report on the injuries sustained and how much was spent on your recovery from therapy, physiotherapy, to drugs. A total valuation of your claim should be part of the evidence gathered. Your attorney can help you determine this.

File Your Compensation Claim

Though the statute of limitation on filing compensation claims in accident cases is two years, that does not mean you need to wait till the deadline to file your claim. Once you have every piece of evidence, go ahead and file immediately, as your settlement claim could drag on for years, even require a court trial.

These are essential things that you should note, especially if you will file a compensation claim.