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7 Reasons Yacht Charters Are the Perfect Getaway for Millennials

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When it comes to travel, Millennials do things differently. They don’t want run-of-the-mill, pre-planned escapes. Instead, according to a recent survey, younger travelers prefer immersive experiences, great food, unique sightseeing, and adventurous activities. In other words, Millennials love active vacations to unique, off-the-beaten-path destinations.

And that’s why luxury yacht charters and Millennials are the perfect match.

Yacht charters check all of those boxes. Great food? Plenty of that, and it’s all chef-prepared. Exotic destinations? Only the best in the world. Adventure around every corner? Charters provide tons of ways to stay active (from jet-skiing, to jungle hiking).

In other words, there might not be a better vacation option for Millennials. Chartering a motor yacht, catamaran or sailing yacht offers the best in personalized service and a thrilling adventure that affluent young people will remember forever. Here are the top eight reasons why Millennials should consider a yacht charter:  

1 – Incredible Chef-Prepared Food

It’s undeniable that Millennials are adventurous foodies. They’ll splurge on a gourmet meal. In fact, most plan their vacations around a city or region’s culinary offerings.

And excellent dining experiences are something that you can expect from a luxury yacht charter. Onboard, all of your meals are prepared by a trained chef. In fact, the yachting industry employs some of the world’s most talented and innovative culinary artists.

Here’s what you can expect: Prior to boarding, you’ll provide the crew and chef with your food preferences. Like Eggs Benedict in the morning? Just put it down on your preference sheet, and voila, wake up to the best Eggs Benedict every morning. Yacht chefs are prepared to accommodate just about anything you can dream up.

Want a five-course tasting menu? That’s no problem. Or maybe you’d like a tequila tasting or wine pairing? Your chef will be happy to provide a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Bottom line, you can completely customize the dining experience on your trip.

2 – Active Adventures Every Day

Millennials love to stay active on vacation. They’d take a JEEP tour in the jungle than lounge around onboard all afternoon. And luxury superyachts provide plenty of incredible adventures. A few examples:

  • Water toys. For starters, every yacht has its own stash of water toys, from jet skis, and sea bobs, to paddle boards and sea kayaks. They have tenders too, which allow you to island hop, explore undiscovered beaches, or waterski. Plus, most have snorkel, fishing, and in some cases, diving gear onboard, too.
  • Shoreside Adventures. Not to mention, nearly every yachting destination provides incredible adventures. A few favorites include: snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, diving in the Grenadines, JEEP tours in Tahiti, and helicopter tours in Alaska

3 – Exploring the World’s Most Exotic Destinations

Yachting provides off-the-beaten-path adventures in the world’s most beautiful destinations. Explore deserted beaches, stop in exclusive ports of call, and experience the tranquility of cruising on the open ocean while on charter.

Guests have endless options in terms of where to go. Whether you’re looking to beach hop in the Caribbean, explore the beautiful and unique coastlines of Sardinia, experience wildlife in the Galapagos, or even tour glaciers in Antarctica, there are plenty of incredible destinations to explore. A few favorites for Millennials include:

  • Croatia and Montenegro – From UNESCO World Heritage Sites, to thumping beach parties, Croatia and its southern neighbor Montenegro provide a classic Mediterranean yachting experience.
  • Southeast Asia – From island hopping in Thailand, to exploring undiscovered hotspots like Elephant Beach in the Andaman Islands, Southeast Asia offers incredible experiences around every corner. 
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines – Escape the crowds of the Caribbean, and explore this tiny archipelago. Island hopping is a favorite pastime, plus, the region is home to some of the most unique dive/snorkel spots in the Caribbean.
  • Spain’s Balearic Islands – Ibiza is, of course, a popular Mediterranean destination, but charters in the Balearics offer a chance to check out the nightlife, as well as the region’s quieter islands.   

Really, there are many, many more destinations you can choose. Whether you’d like to explore the ends of the Earth (think French Polynesia or Antarctica), or you’d like a new way to experience classic destinations (the out-islands of the Bahamas, for example), yachting provides a unique and novel way to travel.

4 –Eco-Friendly Yachting Options Available

Young people have made eco-travel one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry. They don’t just want to see the world; they want to do it with as little impact as possible. With yachting, there are a number of green yacht charter options. A few green charter options include:

  • Sailing Yacht or Catamaran. For starters, you might consider a sailing or catamaran yachting experience. Sailing minimizes fuel usage; in fact, if the wind’s blowing, you won’t use any. Not to mention, sailing charters provide a relaxing and exhilarating way to experience the open ocean.
  • Green Onboard Options. Plus, while you sail, you can request a greener experience as well, including limiting plastic bottles, reducing one-use items, and requesting locally sourced cuisine

5 – Personalized Itineraries

Want to take a trip that you can design and customize? That’s a luxury every yacht charter guest gets. Really, you have tons of flexibility when it comes to planning your trip. When it comes to itinerary planning, you can choose:

  • Where to Go / How Long to Stay – Choose your favorite must-see destinations and your crew will make sure you get there.
  • Personalized Onboard Experiences – Picnics, birthday parties, couples’ massages – you name it, your crew will work hard to make your experience one-of-a-kind.

Bottom line, every detail of your charter is customizable; just let your broker know what you’d like to do, and they’ll work their magic and make it happen.   

6 – Individualized Service

The service onboard a luxury yacht is truly out of this world. The deck crew serves only of your above-deck needs. Want the slide set up? Just ask. Or need a tender ride into port for an afternoon of trekking around? That’s not a problem.

Plus, your interior crew is happy to wait on your every need, from drink orders, to making restaurant reservations and shoreside transportation requests, you have a personal concierge at all hours of the day.

7 – Learn as You Travel 

 Maybe you’d like to learn a new skill or trait during your trip? Most charter yachts are happy to accommodate. For example, if you charter a sailing yacht, it’s possible to learn to sail while you vacation. Crews often provide hands-on sailing experiences for guests; just let them know prior to embarking.

Your crew also has extensive experience in all of the local learning excursions. Whether you’d like to learn local artistry techniques, or take a cooking course or language lesson, your crew will often be happy to help you book courses in port or hire teachers to come aboard.

Where Will Your Adventure Take You?

Really, there isn’t a vacation experience in the world like a luxury yacht charter. You can experience fine foods, one-of-a-kind adventures, and the best of the best in service.


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