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A Guide to Duelbits Promo Codes for Enhanced Gaming Excitement

What are Duelbits Promo Codes?

Duelbits promo codes are used to gain exclusive bonuses on the site. Activating a promo code will give you instant access to Ace Rewards, along with a 50% Rakeback. Ace Rewards is Duelbits’ VIP lounge, which grants users additional bonuses and VIP treatment.

Here’s a list of all the working Duelbits promo codes:

  • infotoplist – Grants a 50% Rakeback and access to the Ace Rewards system.
  • hellagood – Grants a 50% Rakeback and access to the Ace Rewards system.
  • csgo100 – Grants a 50% Rakeback and access to the Ace Rewards system.
  • hellago – Grants a 50% Rakeback and access to the Ace Rewards system.

How to Use Duelbits Promo Codes?

Duelbits offers a handful of promo codes that you can use when creating an account or depositing money. Everyone can claim these codes as long as they have registered for a Duelbits account. I’ll guide you through the steps, and you’ll be claiming those rewards in no time.

Here are the steps to claim Duelbits promo codes:

Step 1: Visit the Duelbits website from a browser.

Step 2: Register or log into your Duelbits account using the buttons on the upper right.

Step 3: Once logged-in, scroll down to the “Offers” section on the left side of your screen.

Step 4: Click on “Promo Code” button.

Step 5: Enter the code hellagood, and click on the green “Redeem” button to receive your bonuses.

What Is the Difference Between Promo and Referral Codes

A Duelbits promo code is used to obtain rewards that are instantly credited or applied to your account. On the other hand, Duelbits referral codes are used to support the player who referred you to the site. It will generate revenue for your referrer based on the amount you wager on Duelbits.

Promo codes can come from Duelbits posts, announcements, and special events. They can also come directly from partners or Duelbits sponsors, like the code hellagood, among others. Referral codes will come directly from affiliates and other users of Duelbits. They can only be used within the first 24 hours of creating an account and give limited bonuses compared to regular promo codes.

Benefits of Duelbits Promo Codes

The main benefit of using Duelbits promo codes is their constant availability. It can be used at any point you wish and will instantly grant you rewards. These rewards will vary, depending on the promo code you use, but will range anywhere from free spins, Bits, or Rakeback. All of these can result in a bonus balance that can be used on Duelbits.

Each promo code can only be used once per account, though, but there’s no limit to the total number of Duelbits codes you can redeem. Luckily, they are all free to claim, but some may have betting requirements, so it’s important to stay active. Upon entering eligible codes, the bonuses will automatically be credited to your account.

Main Promotions & Bonuses of Duelbits.com

Promo codes and referral codes aren’t the only promotions available on Duelbits.com. They also feature a plethora of bonuses that are available for both active and new players, creating a pleasurable betting experience.

Registered users on the site can enjoy all promotions. Some promotions will have eligibility requirements, while others will be free for all. Find out more about each ongoing promotion on Duelbits.

Duelbits Casino Promotions

Here’s a list of the Casino promotions and bonuses available on Duelbits.com:

  • Winter Winfest Tournament – a seasonal tournament with a weekly prize pool that can be won by competing for the leaderboards.
  • Lucky Day – An ongoing promotion for scratch card players where Duelbits provides an additional 10% cash bonus if you win ten times within a 24-hour period.
  • Drops & Wins – A shared $500,000 monthly prize pool for Game Shows and Live Casino tables. This includes Daily Prize Drops and weekly tournaments.
  • Spinomenal’s Grand Holiday Tournaments – Compete on the leaderboards for a grand prize pool of $100,000 available for eligible slot games.

Duelbits Sportsbook Promotions

Here’s a list of the Sportsbook promotions and bonuses available on Duelbits.com:

  • Free Bet – Occasional Free Bet offers appear on the site, giving players an additional Free Bet amount for popular games from the Sportsbook.
  • Multi Boost – A potential total odds boost of up to 200% when you parlay eligible bets with at least two legs and odds of 1.20.
  • NFL Early Payout – Pre-match winner bets on any NFL team that leads by 12 points at any stage in the match will automatically payout, regardless of the result.
  • Premier League Insurance – Refunds Premier League bets who lead at half but end up losing or drawing. Up to a maximum of $100.
  • NHL Overtime Insurance – Provides refunds on pre-match winner bets on any NHL match that heads to over time and loses, up to $100 as Free Bet.
  • MMA First Round Insurance – Your bet will be refunded if your selected fighter loses in the first round.


Duelbits offers numerous bonuses, promotions, and rewards to all registered users who verify their email addresses. I’ve listed all the rewards, along with their mechanics and how to successfully claim them to elevate your Duelbits gambling experience.

On top of their ongoing promotions, you can also claim additional Duelbits bonus codes when depositing money. Use the promo code hellagood for a 50% Rake back and gain access to the Ace Rewards system.

Is Duelbits Promo Codes Legit?

Yes. All of the aforementioned Duelbits promo codes are legit and working as of 2023. I can guarantee that they work because I’ve tested them all on different accounts, and I was able to claim the rewards with ease. Duelbits also provides instantaneous processing of promo codes, crediting your account as soon as you hit “redeem.”

Can You Play Duelbits in the USA?

Unfortunately, Duelbits isn’t available in the USA. However, local residents can still enjoy a premium gaming experience on Duelbits.com by simply using a trusted VPN service. To minimize the latency, users can connect to nearby countries like Canada, Mexico, or Brazil, where Duelbits is accessible.

Using a VPN will allow US residents to relish the bonuses and rewards on Duelbits, and you can start by using the hellagood promo code.