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A ‘Hole’ New Attraction Has Been Unveiled At The Hobbiton Movie Set

An enchanting new experience has been unveiled at Hobbiton Movie Set. The latest development on Bagshot Row allows visitors to venture beyond the door into an authentic Hobbit Hole interior, bringing them closer to the magic of Middle-earth.

Nestled in the idyllic Matamata countryside on the 1250-acre Alexander family farm, Hobbiton Movie Set has long been an admired destination for fans of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies. Yet, for the past 20 years, the 44 Hobbit Holes left behind from filming have remained an external facade, leaving many visitors wondering what could lie beyond.

Hobbiton Movie Set’s Chief Executive Officer Russell Alexander says, “For two decades, we’ve welcomed millions of passionate visitors to Hobbiton Movie Set, but never before has anyone ventured beyond the door of a Hobbit Hole like this.”

“This extraordinary addition will fulfill a long-held dream for Hobbiton Movie Set and visitors alike, promising to immerse fans into the humble home of a Hobbit for the first time,” he adds.

This exciting development has seen the wondrous hillside of the original Bagshot Row, shared by three Hobbit Hole facades, excavated and transformed into an authentic and immersive interior Hobbit Hole experience that will now be a part of all tours at Hobbiton Movie Set.

The Hobbit Hole features a labyrinth of fully themed rooms: an entry hall, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and dining area, equipped pantry and a parlor complete with a crackling fireplace.

The interiors adorn warm earthy tones and deep wooden textures to reflect the cosy Hobbit Holes seen within the films. Visitors are reminded to mind their heads as they wander and weave through the maze of rooms and hallways, which have been constructed with a Hobbit’s stature in mind.

Hints of the inhabitants’ family lineage is seeded throughout, with heirlooms and trinkets from generations of Hobbits from yesteryear and a well-stocked pantry with all the fixings to cater for the Hobbits’ seven daily meals. Each delicate stroke of a paintbrush has left intricate hand-painted details and carvings into the walls, complemented with a plethora of colorful hand-stitched linens and decorative flourishes throughout.

The project was brought to life by renowned illustrators and concept designers John Howe and Alan Lee, known for their work on Middle-earth, alongside renowned Art Director for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Project Manager for Hobbiton Movie Set Brian Massey, and Production Designer Ra Vincent.

The expert team of artists, set designers, gardeners, and landscapers will finalize the finishing touches, including several ‘Easter eggs’ throughout the interior of the Hobbit Hole to be enjoyed by different levels of the fandom.

The immersive Bagshot Row experience is set to bring in a wave of new visitors looking to wander The Shire and will be included as part of every tour booked with Hobbiton Movie Set, increasing the tour duration to allow visitors to explore the Hobbit Hole.