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A Luxurious Journey with Fiji Airways Business Class

Fiji Airways A350 Business Class seat

Nancie Hall’s article on Fiji Airways’ luxury air travel offers a captivating glimpse into a world of comfort and elegance in the skies. Imagine embarking on an exotic journey without the usual dread of long-haul flights. With Fiji Airways, your adventure begins the moment you step into the airport. Enjoy the ease of priority check-in and extra luggage allowance, coupled with access to luxurious lounges, including the Premier Lounge in Nadi. These lounges boast elegant decor, diverse seating, and an extensive buffet with a dedicated bartender and Asian cuisine.

Once on board, business class transforms into a realm of indulgence. Greeted with passion fruit-scented hot towels and a selection of drinks, passengers relax in wide leather seats equipped with modern comforts. As the plane takes off, a warm farewell wave from the ground staff adds a personal touch. The dining experience is a gourmet delight, showcasing Fijian flavors in a three-course meal. But the real treat is the bedtime service. Flight attendants convert seats into cozy sky beds with mattress toppers, duvets, and pillows, ensuring a restful sleep.

Arriving at Nadi International Airport, the warmth of Fijian culture greets you with singers and ukulele players, setting the tone for the adventures that await. Fiji Airways makes it tempting to extend your journey with a free 72-hour layover in Fiji, perfect for a relaxing break on your way to Australia or New Zealand.

Beyond luxury travel, Fiji Airways, initially founded by Harold Gatty as Katafaga Estates Ltd., is now a major employer in Fiji, with a reach to 108 international destinations. In 2023, it earned recognition as the 15th best airline globally and the best in Australia & the Pacific. The airline is also committed to environmental stewardship, planting over 36,500 trees to offset carbon emissions and supporting marine life conservation through the Our Ocean, Our Life program.

Hall’s article isn’t just about a flight; it’s about an experience that harks back to the golden era of air travel, where the journey is as memorable as the destination. It’s a must-read for those seeking to travel in style and make every moment of their trip unforgettable.

Read the article in the new issue of DRIFT Travel magazine.