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Hotel Xcaret Arte Presents a Night of Dance Excellence with Prima Ballerina Elisa Carrillo

Hotel Xcaret Arte presents the Gala Elisa and Friends for the first time in Riviera Maya scheduled for October 14th. This exceptional event promises an unforgettable evening of ballet and dance, headlined by the world-renowned prima ballerina Elisa Carrillo. Hailing from Mexico, Elisa Carillo is an internationally acclaimed artist, boasting prestigious accolades and recognition within the global ballet community.

The Gala Elisa and Friends will bring together talented national and international dancers in a unique event. Curated exclusively for the hotel, the program will feature dancers from the Staasttballett Berlin, as well as members of the National Dance Company and the Mariinsky Ballet. This event is part of Hotel Xcaret Arte’s overarching vision of serving as a catalyst for artistic endeavors, celebrating and promoting Mexican culture, all within the captivating backdrop of the Riviera Maya’s natural splendor and rich artistic expression.

“At Hotel Xcaret Arte, we offer our guests the opportunity to indulge in the finest aspects of Mexican culture. Through our Arts Promotion Program, we highlight a variety of artistic expressions, including painting, sculpture, music, and, of course, the captivating art of dance. It is our distinct privilege to welcome the first prima ballerina Elisa Carrillo, a true ambassador of Mexican culture in the world.  Her remarkable career is a source of immense pride for our country,” said Jorge Ducoing, director of Hotel Xcaret Arte.

Hotel Xcaret Arte seeks to pay tribute to internationally renowned Mexican artists while forging meaningful connections with guests and inviting them to enjoy luxury experiences within sustainable and extraordinary spaces.

The unique one-night Gala Elisa and Friends will take place at Hotel Xcaret Arte’s Music Forum on October 14th, at 8:00 p.m. Tickets for the Gala Elisa and Friends are available via phone by calling Hotel Xcaret Arte at 1-844-795-4525.

Elisa Carrillo holds the esteemed position of Principal Dancer at the Staatsballett Berlin, recognized as one of the top ten ballet companies in the world.  In addition to her remarkable dancing career, she serves as a Cultural Ambassador of Mexico and a member of the International Dance Council at UNESCO. Notably, Elisa Carrillo is the only Mexican, and the first Latin American dancer, to achieve the distinction of winning the three most prestigious international dance accolades: the Prix Benois de la Danse, the Soul of Dance of Russia, and the Dance Open Festival in St. Petersburg.

“When I step onto the stage, it is Mexico that comes alive in the dance.” – Elisa Carrillo