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A Traveling Dinner Party: Arcadia’s new food & wine expedition to Georgia

Led by John Wurdeman, one of Georgia’s most passionate expatriate winemakers, Arcadia’s latest expedition traces the evolution and revolution of Georgian food and wine. Small groups will form a travelling dinner party, sampling the country’s very best gastronomical experiences, with Georgia’s leading chefs and vintners joining their table each day on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Arcadia’s ‘Georgia: A Food & Wine Revolutionexpedition tells the story of how Georgia’s unique geography, combined with its chequered history, has given birth to the extraordinarily diverse culinary and wine tradition that we see today. Taking in the stunning highlights of Georgia, including visits to ancient monasteries, cathedrals and the incredible scenery of the Caucasus Mountains and Black Sea, the expedition gains exclusive access to the key players in Georgia’s bourgeoning food and wine scene. 

Expedition Leader – John Wurderman

Throughout the expedition, a wealth of delectable culinary experiences with local people have been curated exclusively by Arcadia for their guests. From feasting with families in their homes and with shepherds on mountain passes, to dining with famed cheese and craft beer makers and cooking masterclasses with renowned chefs, the expedition will also explore the link between Georgian food and wine and its living culture. During this interactive moveable feast, the group will be joined by musicians, folk singers, poets and dancers to make the journey a celebration of life itself.

Arcadia Expeditions Co-Founder, David Mannix says this world-first trip is the ultimate indulgence for foodies and wine-lovers looking for a new experience in Europe. “Most people are not aware that Georgia is in fact the oldest winemaking tradition in the world, dating back 8,000 years. The country’s unique climatic conditions allow over 500 grape varieties to grow. We go behind the scenes with prominent local winemakers, stroll through their vineyards and taste with them their rare grape varieties and back vintages.”

Mannix adds: “We will forage in the forests for wild food, visit farmers markets, drink at hidden wine bars and dine in the very best farm to table restaurants – witnessing for ourselves the exciting Georgian experimental approach of combining organic techniques with recipes from the past.”

For more information, visit the Arcadia Expeditions website: www.arcadiaexpeditions.com


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