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 All Inclusive Motorhome Club Delivers VIP Experiences

Photo by Sergio Martínez

For RVers who are looking for adventure and excitement and the opportunity to connect with others who live and love the RV lifestyle, rallies hosted by the All Inclusive Motorhome Club (AIM) are the ticket.  

Established in 2016, AIM is a membership group that’s known for its spectacular gatherings. The four-day, five-night AIM rallies are held in intriguing, picturesque locations throughout the country. To ensure first-class amenities and activities, each location and resort are scouted months in advance by the AIM team.  

The rallies are designed to exceed expectations and stand out from other “typical” gatherings. The AIM rallies feature: nightly entertainment; happy hour with beer and wine; tasty, catered meals; and informative tech talks and classes. With an AIM Club membership, most rallies are approximately $700 for two people and an RV and accommodate 100 coaches. 

“Everything is always taken care of. You just show up in your motorhome and relax and have fun,” says Robin Clark who, along with her husband Chuck, have attended several AIM rallies. “We’ve enjoyed every single rally we’ve gone to. Many of the locations are unique and give you the opportunity to explore places you haven’t previously been.” 

And, while education sessions during a vacation may seem unusual, attendees soak up the information from the classes and their fellow RVers. 

“We’ve learned so much at the rallies,” says Deanna McNeill who, along with her husband Jeff, have gone to AIM rallies the last four years, including the recent one in Angel Fire, New Mexico. “Other RVers are always willing to share. We talk about everything from engines to mechanicals to cleaning supplies. It’s invaluable to connect with experienced RVers and get their tips and advice.”  

VIP Experiences

The highlight of each rally is a signature event that’s normally not available to the general public and is reserved exclusively for AIM Club members.  

Previous AIM rallies have featured a wide range of extra-special activities, including: 

  • A four-course dinner on the deck of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier with a sweeping view of the San Diego skyline and a string quartet playing in the background
  • An exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of Sea World’s conservation program
  • An engaging progressive dinner at Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri 
  • Whitewater rafting on the Colorado River
  • Private lessons at the New Orleans School of Cooking 

“The AIM Club has been a gateway for us. We’ve done things and gone places we would have never known about or wouldn’t have been able to access on our own,” adds McNeill.  

Rallies Lead to Friendships

While RV life revolves around travel and exploration, it’s also about meeting new people and establishing friendships with like-minded individuals. Those who attend the AIM rallies regularly share stories of how they’ve been able to expand their circle of RV friends. 

“You meet people from everywhere,” says Clark. “We now have five or six couples we regularly travel with. In fact, we spent this past summer with a couple we met at an AIM rally.” 

For more information, visit aimclub.org.