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An Urban Lake in Australia Has Turned Pink!

Aerial view of Lake Hillier, Middle Island near Esperance

What’s more insta-worthy than a pink lake? A salt lake in inner-city Melbourne has just turned a rosy shade of pink! This rare phenomenon only ever occurs with a perfect cocktail of high salt levels and temperatures, increased sunlight and low rainfall.

This lake in Westgate Park has only ever turned pink twice before – in 2014 and 2017, and is expected to stay rosy until the weather cools down and rainfall increases later in the Southern hemisphere’s autumn season.

Westgate Park, Victoria Credit Parks Victoria

More than 87,000 #pinklake images have been tagged on Instagram, most of which are snapped in Australia. Travellers across the country can explore five more of these spectacular candy-coloured bodies of water, including:

  1. Pink Lake in Murray-Sunset National Park
  2. Lake Tyrrell, Victoria’s largest salt lake
  3. Lake MacDonnell and Lake Bumbunga – two of South Australia’s most iconic landscapes
  4. Lake Hillier in Esperance, which is best seen from the air
  5. Hutt Lagoon, which can change from red to bubble-gum pink to lilac

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