Autumn Colors in Tohoku, Japan in 4K UHD

Find another Japan in Tohoku. Explore the seasonal beauty of Japan’s northeast.

Covered with mountains and forests, Tohoku is known for its gorgeous natural colors brought about by distinctive four seasons. Tohoku is 70% covered with forests and among some of the greenest places on earth. In autumn, the sharp drop in temperature coupled with humidity and sunshine – it’s often sunny in autumn here – helps beech, maple, oak and pine trees across Tohoku to color beautifully with a high contrast of red, yellow and green. Besides the Hachimantai mountain range famous for gorgeous foliage, streets of the four-century-old samurai district of Kakunodate in Akita Prefecture are decorated naturally with colorful foliage in autumn. Vivid red and yellow leaves against the black-painted wooden walls protecting historic samurai houses create a mesmerizing scenery.

The Tohoku region is an area that consists of Aomori Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Akita Prefecture, Yamagata Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture.

Film directed by Yuki Eikawa

Music by Wolves Unite Japan, Inc.