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Avalon Drops An Anchor on Longer Cruises for 2025.

Clasp a glass of fine champagne and join us in the golden hour, where the whisper of the river and the warmth of the setting sun make for a perfect retreat. Here, aboard the luxury of our river cruise, timeless moments await around every bend

On the cusp of the New Year, Avalon Waterways distributed a “Wish List’ survey to past cruisers asking them to share future travel interests and plans. With more than 16,600 responses, one new, post-pandemic trend the company revealed is that cruisers want longer, more in-depth getaways. Avalon is testing the theory that “life is better on a boat” in 2025 with a boatload of new cruises that set sail for 10+ days to meet both interest and demand. 

Another Day, Another Country. More than half of Avalon Waterways’ past cruisers (57%) said they’d like to book a two-week vacation for their next cruise. That’s 23 percent (23%) more than those who said they will be booking a one-week trip. According to the new “Wish List” results, another 10 percent (10%) said they’re looking at three-week options. Avalon Waterways is responding with 16 NEW, longer itineraries and city-stay combinations for 2025.

Come Sail Away. “The pent-up desire for long-haul travel, combined with an increased interest in garnering more mileage out of air costs, as well as the rise in remote work are contributing factors to this post-pandemic travel trend,” said Pam Hoffee, president of Avalon Waterways. “Today’s cruisers have a stronger interest – and broader abilities – to make the most of their time away. We’re helping with big, new, ‘Bucket List’ cruises for 2025.”

Cruising Through Life. Samples of new, longer cruise offerings from Avalon in 2025 include:

10+ Days:

Two Weeks:

Three Weeks:

Several of Avalon’s new, longer cruise options also invite cruisers to add pre- and post-cruise stays in destinations like Lucerne, Nice and Prague.