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A Cruise with Character: Graham McTavish to Host Storyteller Cruise

For a holiday that promises all “prose” and no cons, Avalon Waterways has announced a NEW Storyteller Series cruise for 2024: Kiltn’ It: Facts, Fiction & Fairytale Settings on the Rhine with Graham McTavish!

This 8-day, Active & Discovery on the Rhine departure – part of our special Storyteller Series of cruises – will transport travellers through craggy cliffs and under storied medieval castles, along quaint, cobblestone villages and through the lofty landscapes of Switzerland, France, Germany and Holland on the Rhine River – a setting where every hour is story hour. 

Graham McTavish

“From special meet-and-greets to intimate lectures and performances, our Storyteller Series cruises are beyond words,” said Pam Hoffee, president of Avalon Waterways. “Hosted by celebrity authors, actors, artists and musicians, Avalon’s Storyteller cruises deliver scenic ports and riveting plots from history in legendary settings with insider stories from the artistic legends of today.” 

The latest Storyteller to be announced – Graham McTavish – is not only known for his roles in “Outlander,” “The Witcher,” “House of the Dragon” and “Men in Kilts: A Road Trip with Sam and Graham,” he is also the best-selling author of Clanlands: Whisky, Warfare and a Scottish Adventure Like No Other.

“Rivers have shaped our destiny since the dawn of time,” said Graham McTavish. “As humans, we are drawn to them. Civilizations have been built around them and they have become part of our collective memories. A river tells a story, not just through its history – one of my passions – but through sharing in its flow. Joining this Avalon Active and Discovery Cruise will allow us all to share in that flowing story that we will help to write together. I hope you can join me.”

As the unofficial spokesperson for the company, McTavish has gotten a lot of attention from ad viewers. With hundreds of comments across social media like “He’s great. Now I want to go on a river cruise,” “If Mr. McTavish is part of the crew, I’ll go” or “Wouldn’t it be great if he did a storyteller cruise? Hint. Hint. Avalon” – Avalon Waterways has taken the cue, inviting McTavish to host his very own Storyteller cruise.

“Our new advertising – featuring Graham – has made a big splash and we couldn’t be more thrilled that Graham said ‘yes’ to hosting a cruise in October 2024, providing fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a week with their favorite storyteller,” said Pam Hoffee.

The Storyteller cruise with Graham McTavish is the second to be announced for 2024. Months earlier, the company unveiled its third sailing with Diana Gabaldon, best-selling author of the Outlander series. Within days of the announcement, that 2024 Storyteller Series cruise sold-out: A result the company expects to repeat with McTavish. 

Previous Storyteller cruises have been hosted by Cheryl Strayed, Candace Bushnell, Gillian Flynn, Christopher Moore and Sister Hazel.