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Best Places to Stay Near Disneyland Paris

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Planning a Disneyland Paris trip comes with the pressure to do everything right. Whether it is choosing the right time to visit this dreamland or the best place to stay, everything should be perfect. This is Europe’s ultimate dream holiday destination, and everyone wants to do it right. Are you planning to visit the fantasyland soon? If so, you should know the best places to stay near Disneyland Paris for the smoothest and most unforgettable time. 

Staying in the right place during your holidays is crucial. You would want a comfortable place to stay after all the travelling and after spending a thrilling day at the park. There are seven Disney hotels and six peripheral partner hotels within the resort. These give the ultimate luxury experience. In addition to these hotels, there are countless accommodation options near the park, too. Let’s talk about some of the best accommodation options near the park. 

6 Best Places to Stay Near Disneyland Paris

  1. Disneyland Hotel, Chessy

When discussing the best places to stay near Disneyland Paris, this spectacular building surely deserves a top-of-the-list position. It is located near the entrance of the dreamy park and consists of 487 rooms and luxurious suites. The magnificent fairytale-like building with lavish decorations inside out makes the hotel a showpiece that stuns everyone. 

This hotel offers five-star services, luxurious meals, and comfortable rooms. Moreover, the hotel’s immersive storytelling experience with fully dressed-up characters makes it unique. 

  1. Disney Hotel Sante Fe, Coupvray

This is a fantastic accommodation option for anyone finding the best choice within a tight budget. It is a considerable option if you are looking for Disneyland Paris holidays under £600. The Disney Hotel Sante Fe features low-lying ochre-red buildings that make you feel like you are staying at a guesthouse in Southwest America. This hotel’s desert-like grounds, stunning cars, karaoke bars, restaurants, and arcades make it unique. The hotel is also quite spacious, with around 1,000 rooms. 

The best part about staying at this hotel is a free shuttle bus service that takes guests to and from the park whenever they want. 

  1. Disney Hotel New York, Chessy

Disney Hotel New York—The Art of Marvel is another luxurious hotel within the resort. This building is a Manhattan-style scraper adorned with a Marvel theme. It is a four-star hotel with 561 rooms. The hotel overlooks Lake Disney, which adds to its charm. 

Marvel art and memorabilia are enough to make all the Marvel fans swoon over this luxurious hotel. Moreover, you will get an exceptional blend of Italian-gastronomic restaurants in Manhattan and buffet-style downtown eateries. An indoor pool within the hotel allows you to take a relaxing swim after a thrilling day. 

  1. Disney Newport Bay Club, Coupvray 

The Disney Newport Bay Club is a stunning seaside mansion within the Disneyland Paris resort. It is the most spacious hotel in the resort, with 1097 rooms. A posh seaside mansion inspired this lovely building in 1930s New England. You will see the beautiful reflection of this four-star hotel into the lake; it is a sight to behold. This luxurious hotel’s interior contains ocean blue hues and beloved Disney characters. 

There are also extensive restaurant menus that offer a wide variety of options, especially fish. You can also treat yourself to indoor pools, jacuzzis, hammams, saunas, and more. So, it is a fantastic accommodation choice for a luxurious stay at the dream park.

  1. Disney Sequoia Lodge, Coupvray 

Disney Sequoia Lodge is another luxurious accommodation option that is closest to the central Disneyland Paris park. It is a three-star hotel with 1011 rooms split into five different lodges. America’s national parks inspire this hotel’s design, architecture, and theme. The building has a rustic vibe with its wood and stone building and is surrounded by redwoods and pines. 

The hotel’s beautiful, bambi-themed interior features rustic decorations, including fur rugs and hunting trophies. Two restaurants within the hotel serve a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. It also has an indoor pool to refresh after a tiring day at the theme park. 

  1. Hotel Dream Castle, Magny-le-Hongre 

Hotel Dream Castle is another great option if you have a tight budget. Although it is not very fairytale-like, it still provides luxurious four-star services at an affordable cost. This hotel’s contemporary design has numerous French influences that make it chic and classy. 

The rooms at this hotel are quite comfortable and suitable for families. Numerous luxury and entertainment activities at the hotel will make your stay worthwhile. The hotel also serves a delicious breakfast. The free shuttle bus service conveniently commutes to and from Disneyland Paris. 

Final Words

Booking suitable accommodation can be hectic. However, it is vital to your comfort and will ensure an elevated holiday experience. Some of the best places to stay near Disneyland Paris are located within the resort. They offer luxurious services and will give you the most unforgettable Disneyland Paris holidays. However, numerous other options near the resort are both budget-friendly and offer great commute options to the park. So, make your decision wisely.