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Best Tips To Play Games While Travelling

You’ve likely got a long list of things on your packing list when preparing to travel. All the essential items are taken care of long before you set off – that includes your clothes, sunscreen, money, First Aid kit and so on. There’s one final thing you must remember to take care of before all the travelling kicks in; entertainment! 

Most of your time will be spent enjoying yourself sightseeing or doing other fun travel activities. But, you’ll also spend a huge chunk of time travelling between places. Journeys can take hours – or you may end up in your hotel with nothing to do for one or two nights. Playing video games is easy to prevent boredom and pass the time, but how do you do this while travelling? 

You’ll find a few ideas below that can be used on their own or combined so you can play as much as you like:

Get A Portable Games Console

If you know you’ll have a long journey or many hours spare while travelling, then a portable games console is an excellent choice. They were all the rage in the early 2000s when a range of Gameboys and the Nintendo DS came out. After something of a quiet decade, portable consoles are back with a vengeance! 

Here are some of the options at your disposal:

  • Steam Deck
  • Nintendo Switch
  • ASUS ROG Ally
  • Lenovo Legion Go

All of them allow gaming on the go with the benefit of being able to download games to each device. This means you can play even when there’s no internet connection. So, say you’re on a plane for 11 hours flying across the planet. You can easily play a multitude of games on any of these consoles to quench your boredom. 

The only question is: which one do you get? We suggest learning about the best handheld games consoles before making your investment. One might be better suited to your gaming habits than others. 

Download Apps To Your Phone

What if you don’t have enough money to buy a portable games console? That’s totally understandable – after all, you probably spent most of your savings on your upcoming holiday! 

How can you play games while travelling without a console? It’s easy; download gaming apps to your phone. There are loads in the Apple Arcade or Google Play Store, but some are available to download online before you go. If you’re into online casino games, then loads of the European online casinos listed at CasinoGam.uk have downloadable apps. Get them on your phone and you can spin the reels or play fun video poker while on the beach. 

The best thing about apps is that they’re either free or very cheap. This gives you a way more affordable way to game while on vacation. 

Install A VPN On Your Laptop

Some of you may be digital nomads who take your laptops with you when travelling. It’s a cool idea – and it gives you another way to game. There are hundreds of free games to play online, or you can download ones to your laptop via Steam or the Epic Games Store. 

One thing to keep in mind if you want to enjoy online gaming while travelling; some websites could be geo-locked in certain countries. This means you can’t access them unless you get your hands on a free VPN

VPN software lets you mask your location and make it look like you’re based somewhere else. You could be in Barbados, but your VPN says you’re in the UK. Therefore, you have access to all the games and gaming sites that are only open in the UK. It makes it super easy to game and have a fun time no matter where in the world you are. 

Find Gaming Cafes

There’s one more thing you can do to play games while travelling abroad. Plenty of countries have taken to gaming like a duck to water. It’s become part of the culture, so they have lots of gaming cafes set up. Think of these as internet cafes, but for online gaming! 

They’re really fun and let you find something fun to do while on holiday. Make a day out of it; head to a gaming cafe and then explore other cool hotspots in the nearby area. If you’re travelling with friends, this is a brilliant way to ensure everyone has as much fun as possible. 

Do you need to game while travelling? No, but it can help you pass the time when there are quiet moments. Also, if you’re an avid gamer who likes to continue their hobby while on holiday, then these ideas are perfect for you!