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Boutique Cabo Hotel Introduces a Cultural Art Class for Resort Guests

A dive into Mexican culture and tradition awaits at Mar del Cabo by Velas Resorts with the launch of an Alebrijes art workshop. This traditional art class invites guests to explore local tradition and storytelling to create a memorable keepsake: a personally crafted Mexican folk creature called the ‘alebrije.’ 

The workshop begins with a brief introduction on the history and significance of alebrijes, imaginative creatures from Mexican folklore made from wood or papier-mâché. Originating in Mexico City, the first alebrijes were created by renowned indigenous Mexican artist Pedro Linares. Today, the small creatures celebrate and honor the magic of creativity and the beauty of the spiritual world. Alebrijes are special because no two are ever alike. During the workshop, knowledgeable local instructors educate guests on the evolution of the alebrijes and how the creatures blend folk tradition and personal history. Guests enjoy this immersive experience with an included Mexican mocktail. 

Participants are provided with various vibrant acrylic paints to inspire their creativity. Skilled artisans lead the workshop, explaining the significance of each color and offering tips and techniques for crafting intricate patterns, ensuring every alebrije reflects its creator’s unique style. Traditional Mexican music fills the air, enhancing the festive atmosphere. The camaraderie among participants—whether with family, friends, or new acquaintances—adds to the experience, fostering a sense of community and a shared appreciation for Mexican culture.

As the workshop concludes, each guest departs with their finished alebrije, a tangible memento of their time at Mar Del Cabo. Whether an experienced artist or a curious novice, the workshop promises guests an unforgettable experience blending learning, creativity, and cultural immersion in one of Mexico’s most breathtaking locales.