2021 trends insights seem to suggest that our travel this year is likely to be for longer than usual and that we are looking for real experiences, deep memories and lasting impact, rather than a week’s fly and flop. There’s a hankering for going off-grid, and for nature and a sustainable approach to travel (insofar as that is possible). We believe that all these trends are true of the wellness sector as much as any.

Focus on your holistic wellbeing at Dharana Wellness Centre as they introduce two new wellness programmes that adapt contactless therapies, especially dealing with energy healing and pranic healing.

Both programmes take a scientific & evidence-based approach through Bioenergetic Analysis & Spectrophotometry

Dharana Resilience Retreat – Reset your mental well-being

Embark and adopt the transformational Dharana way of Life which focuses on mindful thinking, encourages healthy eating habits, thus embarking on a path to optimal stress relief. Reset your thought process, embrace reality & immerse yourself into both inner & outer nature. During the course of the retreat, their experts will guide you through the precise methods & approach required to combat stress. The program is designed to help you manage responses to the external world, help you embrace and cultivate a resilient mindset even after the completion of the program.

Dharana Rasayana Retreat – Your tonic for immunity

Take a new path towards enriching immunity by natural methods of adopting the Dharana way of Life and reaping the benefits of wellbeing & longevity. Boost your immunity that augments mental as well as physical strength thus preventing the onset of any ailments or diseases. 

Address detrimental effects of degenerative lifestyle elements such as improper sleep, unhealthy diet & activities through a goal based integrative program and constant counselling. Engage in holistic methodologies encompassing traditional phytology of Ayurveda, dietetics, conflict resolution & exercise physiology to optimize cell vitality, tissue repair, immune enhancement.


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