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Palm Island Resort in The Grenadines offers PCR Testing

Palm Island Resort in The Grenadines

In an effort to alleviate the current 48-hour quarantine that the government of St. Vincent & The Grenadines has placed on travelers, Palm Island Resort  has purchased its own PCR testing machine, further encouraging travel to the tiny-island paradise on the southern tip of the tony island archipelago in the Caribbean known for its celeb sisters of Mustique and Canouan.

“While this was a significant investment, we acknowledged that in order to encourage a seamless travel experience for our guests, it was a necessity,” said Palm Island’s 40-year old owner, James Lane. “It’s also our priority for our entire staff to maintain the love of their work here at Palm, and without guests, that is not possible. In a small, soulful place such as Palm, the connection to the community is paramount as is the interaction between our team members and guests. They all feel like family.” Lane has also poured more than $5M USD into the 135-acre property including a new spa, expanded gastronomy concepts, and a new two-bedroom villa, opening in January.

Guests traveling to Palm Island typically arrive around 5pm in the afternoon to Union Island (via a short flight from Barbados) and will be tested prior to the five-minute boat ride to Palm Island, where, upon arrival, they will whisked to their room for a room-service dinner, and by mid-morning, the quarantine should be lifted providing test results are negative. The property only allows visitors over the age of 16 who have proof of vaccination. Travelers may also use the PCR testing for their return trip home, if necessary. The cost of testing is $125 USD per person. Should guests not wish to take part in the new PCR testing, they may quarantine in their rooms for 48 hours. If a guest does test positive for COVID-19, they must quarantine for 14 days, and the hotel will work with guests for a reduced rate.