From learning how to play the Tahitian ukulele to sipping Barbados rum and playing dominoes, there are so many fun ways for mom’s to spend time at home and mentally step into a self-curated slice of heaven!

BARBADOS: This Caribbean destination is the birthplace of rum and while the saying “the best things in life take time” holds true for rum, that doesn’t mean you have to wait until your next visit to Barbados to experience it. Whether you want to test your mixology skills at home with Barbados-approved cocktail recipes or enjoy it neat while playing a game of dominoes with the family (a popular pastime at rum shops across the island), ease into the spirit of island living by celebrating life and purchasing a bottle of these world-class Bajan rums:

  • Since 1703, Mount Gay Rum Distillery has been producing rum in Barbados and is known to be the world’s oldest rum-making producer. Expertly crafted from the rich sugar cane and pristine, coral-filtered water native to the island, Mount Gay Rum is a spirit with a rich history and true character. Browse their cocktail recipes ranging from seasonal to classics and click here to find Mount Gay Rum at a liquor store near you.
  • St. Nicholas Abbey produces small-batch rums – including cane syrup rum, which isn’t produced anywhere else in Barbados – that mellow in oak casks for five to eighteen years. St. Nicholas Abbey Rum is only available for in-person purchase at the distillery’s gift shop, but can be purchased online here.
  • For a more modernized take on Barbados’ fine spirit, the Foursquare Rum Factory and Heritage Park is tucked away in the southern countryside, on eight acres of a former sugar plantation, this working rum factory is well known for its collection of rums, producing a wide range including the highly favored Doorly’s, Old Brigand and E.S.A. Field. Foursquare Rum’s can be purchased online here.
  • Amazon has great deals on dominoes, like this one. Don’t forget to order it so mom can imagine that she’s on the beach, sipping a cocktail and playing a fun game of dominoes with a local.

BELIZE: As a destination that exudes vibrance, cultural-infusion and exotic natural wonder, Belize has an array of ways to bring a little bit of paradise to your home while we continue to do the right thing and stay put, for now. We compiled a few of our favourite offerings here:

  • Mom’s need a break. Belize is offering a creative outlet for kids and kids-at-heart with their downloadable colouring pages to help bring some of the colour and creativity of Belize to your home… and will leave mom with several free hours for alone time.
  • The culture diversity of Belize is best experienced through their local cuisine! Belize is sharing videos and recipes to help Canadians Eat Like a Local and enjoy quintessential Belizean dishes in their own kitchens, like Salbutes and Belizean Hot Sauce. Let mom sit back, and watch you spice up your at-home cuisine!
  • They say a way to a woman’s heart is through music. Belize’s distinct sound is another way to experience the destination at home. The destination is sharing a curated playlist of Local Tunes to showcase the beats of Paranda, Brukdown, Marimba and Punta!
  • Mom online get-togethers are becoming a real thing. Belize wants to make your gals jealous – and inspired – with these stunning Belizean Zoom Wallpapers!
  • Experience the wide range of sights and activities of Belize with , sure to make mom’s feel at peace, at least temporarily.

MIAMI: Miami is proudly culturally laden, from the elegance of the opera to the jaw-dropping street art scenes in Wynwood, there’s quite literally a new experience at the turn of every corner in the Floridian city. Bring Miami cultural vibes into your home so mom can mentally getaway:

NEWPORT BEACH: Sunshine, crashing waves, cutting edge trends and lifestyle inspiration are all synonymous with the SoCal town of Newport Beach. The ultimate momcation. Enjoy the infamous laid-back luxury-lifestyle of Newport Beach while you’re at home with these virtual offerings:

THE ISLANDS OF TAHITI: The Islands of Tahiti is a destination of superior luxury with simplicity and purity at its core – this is especially true for Tahitian goods such as vanilla, pearls, and monoi. Treat mom and bask in the Tahitian vibes with the follow products that are a product of the islands:

  • The magic of a few chords can immediately whisk you away to the dreamy destination, The Islands of Tahiti. The Tahitian ukulele has eight strings with four double courses and are typically handcrafted with local materials. The best part about the ukulele? It’s always played with a smile! Bring some Tahitian tunes into your home here. Fun fact: In 2015, more than 4,000 people gathered in Papeete to perform in the largest ‘ukulele band in the world to secure a title in the Guinness World Records!
  • Traditionally, monoi oil is prepared by māmā (grandmothers) from the islands, made from refined coconut oil and Tahitian tiare flowers and is used in a variety beauty and skin products. The Tahiti Monoi Road is the global source of monoi oil, where visitors can explore the production process and peruse the shops– but until you can experience this Tahitian staple on the islands, let your senses transport you to The Islands of Tahiti with monoi-based lotions and oils available here.
  • The scent and taste of vanilla closely resemble paradise, and when it comes to vanilla beans, powder, extract, etc., top chefs recognize Tahitian vanilla as the best in the world. The island of Taha’a is specifically renowned for its superior vanilla plantations and grows 80 per cent of all Tahitian vanilla beans. Add some vanilla flavour to your home, as a fragrance or special ingredient in sweet and savoury dishes, with authentic Tahitian vanilla.
  • Practice to become an expert Tahitian dancer for your next visit to the islands (or at least get moving) with The Islands of Tahiti’s dance lessons! Join Tuiana Brodien from Vahinerii ori Tahiti school dance as she shows you some basic Tahitian dance steps.

TUOLUMNE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: A county that straddles three distinct regions – Gold County, High Sierra and Yosemite – Tuolumne is truly a hidden gem (or hidden gold nugget) with treasures waiting to be discovered! For the active or outdoorsy mom, you will get acquainted with the marvelous outdoor offerings and culinary treats of Tuolumne County at home. Start dreaming of your next visit, with these suggestions:

  • Situated in the High Sierra region of Tuolumne County, McCaffrey House Bed & Breakfast is an idyllic retreat and the inn’s signature breakfast is both a literal and visual feast, with pristine forest and wildlife as the meal’s backdrop. Recreate your own quaint bed and breakfast experience for mom with McCaffrey House’s egg casserole:
    • Crack 12 eggs and place in the blender along with 1 cube of melted butter and 1 ½ cups of cottage cheese. Blend until fluffy, then spray a 9×12 baking dish and cover with Monterey Jack Cheese – about 4 cups of cheese. Next, sprinkle with Cheddar Cheese – this give it a bit of a bite! Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until baked.
  • Transport yourself with these movies and shows and get inspired to visit Tuolumne County in the future (for a full list go to Film Tuolumne County):
    • Back to the Future III
    • Petticoat Junction
    • Lassie
    • High Noon
    • Dodge City


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