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Cheltenham Festival Ideal for Lively Cotswolds Break

"Cheltenham Racecourse" by Carine06 (CC BY-SA 2.0)

If you are looking for somewhere to escape to in the UK, then the Cotswolds offers you the ideal place to head. You will find a little bit of everything in this exciting part of the world, with those looking for a relaxing break sure to find peace and quiet. However, if you would prefer to visit the area during a busier time of the year then you can also do that, taking in the beauty that this place has to offer and combining it with a vibrant atmosphere.

The one time of the year when the Cotswolds comes to life is during the Cheltenham horse racing festival, which takes place every year in March. The town of Cheltenham is the place to be, but with so many people descending on the area, the surrounding towns and villages are also full of horse racing fans who are looking for a good time. With the action on the track taking place from Tuesday until Friday, you will find a mix of people who are in the area for the full week, some who are there for a couple of days and some who head home after one full day enjoying the sport and social activities that are on offer.

Over 260,000 tickets were sold for the 2018 Cheltenham Festival over the four days and this is the highlight of the year for many racing fans. It isn’t just those who are local who come to this festival, people from all over the UK will be found here, including big contingents who make the journey across the Irish Sea to take part.  As you can imagine, with so many Irish people in town, not only is there a great day to be had at the races, but also in the town afterwards, where you will find a huge range of Irish-themed entertainment to choose from.

If you do decide to head to the track to see the horse racing action live while you are in the area, then you will not be disappointed visiting at this time of the year. The reason why the Cheltenham Festival is the highlight of the year for many horse racing fans is that it is here where the very best horses will come together and take each other on. Even for non-horse racing fans, this can be special to watch, and you will know you are seeing greatness right in front of you must by looking at the emotion on the faces of people that are close by.

“Cheltenham Gold Cup” by Carine06 (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The highlight of the entire week comes on Friday with the Cheltenham Gold Cup, a test of stamina, jumping and sheer determination over three miles and two furlongs, to find who reigns supreme in the world of horse racing. You don’t need to be a big horse racing fan to appreciate the Gold Cup, and even if you don’t have a huge liking for sport, it is still a very special event to witness and be a part of the atmosphere. Last year’s Gold Cup was a real highlight for many and proved to be a great clash with the ultra-tough Native River coming out on top to land the title.

If you are not a big horse racing fan but you would still like to attend the Cheltenham Festival, then you will be more than welcome. The action on the track is just part of what will make up into a fantastic day for you. Of course, placing a bet on a horse that is running is part of the day and something that you will be able to do using the many bookmakers that will be standing and willing to take your bets. If you don’t know what you are picking on the day then there are many experts that can help you out. Oddschecker offer horse racing tips daily and will cover every single race at a big meeting like the Cheltenham Festival, so you can always check out what they fancy if you need a hand.

After the racing, the party doesn’t stop, especially on St Patrick’s Thursday, where entertainment can be found everywhere you look. Throughout the week, you have the opportunity to stay at the racecourse and experience the entertainment they have in place for people, or head into the town of Cheltenham where packed out bars and restaurants will await.

Where ever you choose to go, one thing you will find is a great atmosphere. Win or lose at the races, people head to the festival to have fun and a good time, so if this is what you are looking for, then you are going to be in the company of like-minded people. Many head to the festival every single year because they love horse racing, but non-racing fans can have a great time too in the area when it comes to life for one week.

If you are looking to escape to the Cotswolds but you would prefer to be there when things are lively and vibrant, then the Cheltenham Festival week is a great week to attend. Spend a day at the races and head into town afterwards to soak up the atmosphere that is on offer for miles around throughout the week, no matter where you find yourself staying.


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