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Chicago River Boat Tours: Exploring the City’s Architectural Wonders

Photo by Richard Tao

When exploring the windy city, there’s nothing quite as amazing as Chicago river boat tours. The City of Chicago has long been known for its architectural marvels, and the only way to witness the beauty of these structures is by taking a tour along the river. Trust me; I’ve been on several of these tours, and I’ve come back amazed every time.

As an architecture enthusiast, there’s something special about seeing these buildings from a different perspective than what we’re used to on land. The best part about experiencing them through Chicago river boat tours is that you can see all these buildings up close without moving too much or walking long distances.

Here are some reasons why Chicago River Boat Tours are worth it:

  • The Scenic Views

Whether you’re a tourist visiting for the first time or someone who’s lived in this city all your life, Chicago River Boat Tours ensures that your experience will be one-of-a-kind. You’ll have front-row seats to some of the most stunning views, which include towering skyscrapers such as Trump Tower and Willis Tower(once called Sears Tower), fascinating historical landmarks like Wrigley Building and Tribune Tower, impressive bridges overhanging from above (e.g., Pontchartrain Bridge), among other architectural wonders.

These 90-minute-long tours take guests right down the heart of downtown, offering unobstructed views of street art lining bridges over water walls- including prominent street artist Shepard Fairey’s newest installation (used in the Obama Hope campaign). No matter what direction you turn your head towards, it seems almost impossible not to be surrounded by magnificent views worthy enough for postcards!

  • The Wealth Of Knowledge

Chicago River Boat Tours provide more than just scenery – they offer insight into how this great city came out to be and how various events shaped its history till now. Trained guides usually conduct tours; tidbits of facts, both amusing and fascinating, regarding each building narrated in different spaces so that everyone can listen. Many do not know that the Chicago River was once a filthy body of water. Through architectural innovations such as the construction of locks and dredging going back over eighty years ago (before tours began), this river became the magnanimous sight we see today- breathtaking enough to host eventful boat rides through its entire length.

  • Budget Friendly

Another reason you should book your Chicago riverboat tour online is its affordability. At less than $50 per ticket (including family discounts) for someone like myself on a tight budget, this activity is worth the price tag offering unparalleled value for money spent!

  • A Live Experience

Chicago River Boat Tours provide unique and unforgettable experiences. During these tours, you’ll get an opportunity to witness various iconic landmarks come magically alive right in front of your eyes – don’t forget those breathtaking skyscrapers rising high into space! 

  • Safety First!

Chicago River Boat Tours strictly abides by COVID-19 and other safety regulations, ensuring tourists are safe before, during, and after their adventure. From checking temperatures and masks at entry points at the pier, sanitizer availability aboard each vessel carried by staff always available for use- these actions ensure maximum safety protection indoors and outdoors.

Do Not Miss These Must-See Spots Along The Way:

1.) Trump Tower – This towering edifice looms over most other buildings in Chicago with its height yet elegant design.

2.) Marina Towers – Resembling cylindrical forms dotted along shorelines from afar, look up close with fantastic honeycomb detailing!

3.) Willis Tower- Standing tall at 110 floors until recently known as Sears tower-world’s tallest building from 1973 to 1998. It hosts classic venues like Skydeck- famous for its glass floor and viewing deck providing a stomach-turning view of Chicago from above!

4.) Wrigley Building – Two towers flanking the Spaniard-style neon clock tower comprise this historic landmark facing Michigan Avenue.

5.) Merchandise Mart – Harboring over four million square feet of office space, it was the world’s biggest building for a long time!

In conclusion, Chicago river boat tours have become increasingly popular amongst tourists and locals due to their affordability, live experience, scenic views, and knowledge provided by trained guides. They are fun and an educational way to witness up close some of the city’s most notable architectural marvels that shaped the story told today! Book your ticket now; come prepared with trusty cameras or any other gear needed so that you capture these priceless memories forever.