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Difference between Crypto Casino and Las Vegas Casinos

With the growth of popularity in the cryptocurrency market, more and more casinos accept the use of online crypto payments. There are different types of slots with crypto and casinos. In this article, we will focus on the difference between the two most popular ways to play casinos. The first is a crypto slots casino, and the second is the Las Vegas casino option.

What is the difference? How to choose the best place? This guide will help you check the difference and understand how to make the final choice based on your needs and preferences. If you want to gain more, enjoy the game, and even earn good money, you have to learn the difference. So let’s get started and see how these two major casinos differ.

What Is a Crypto Casino?

If you have ever tried playing a casino game, you won’t be surprised by the way online BTC casinos work. It’s a form of casino that you can open online without leaving your house. The main difference is the payment methods. You no longer need fiat money to cover the expenses.

  • You can now use Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency to pay for your crypto slots. And the winning money from slots with crypto can also come in the form of cryptocurrency that you can use further or convert to other means of payment.
  • Casinos are following the trend and letting players use Bitcoins together with other crypto coins. So if you’re interested in the slots in 2023, it’s high time to try. By checking CoinCodex’s list of the 10 best crypto Bitcoin slots sites, you can feel more confident about your choice. It’s a trusted source of information curated by the true experts in the market. Here you will find access to the best, top-rated casinos.
  • This way, you will reduce the risks of losing your money on distrusted casinos. If the security and safety of your personal data and your money is a top priority, then checking out the CoinCodex should be your first step.

Crypto casinos, for example, Mirax Casino or 7bitcasino, not only accept Bitcoins but also offer a wide range of games, such as crypto slots, live dealer games, or table games. So your online experience will pay off with good experience and nice gainings.

What Is a Las Vegas Casino? 

While the main advantage of crypto slots casinos is them being safer and trying to protect their clients’ money by security protocols, Las Vegas casinos have other benefits. Las Vegas casinos are the embodiment of luxury and excitement. These places welcome players from the whole world to experience a dizzying selection of games, world-class dining options and many great accommodations. When choosing Las Vegas casinos, you’re looking for emotions and endless entertainment. These places are known for their glamor and chic vibe.

Furthermore, offline casinos like these ones are not only meant for crypto slots. You can experience being a guest at major events or even concerts hosted within the Las Vegas casinos. The whirlwind of emotions, tinge of nervousness, and excitement fill the atmosphere. Euphoria and triumph follow the players with every win they get. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience that will give a lasting impression, you should go to the Las Vegas casino. However, the use of cryptocurrency can still be a restricted option at the moment. 

How Do Crypto Casinos and Las Vegas Casinos Differ?

Crypto casinos differ in some key aspects with Las Vegas casinos. If you prefer an active lifestyle with lots of parties, public events, and entertainment, then Las Vegas casinos are a must to try. However, if you simply want to try your luck or enjoy a calm playing atmosphere at home. Let’s take a closer look at the difference between them to help you choose. 

Accessibility and Convenience 

There are times when you want to play immediately or get access to the BTC crypto slots within a couple of hours. In this case, accessibility will play a huge role. How do these casinos differ in terms of accessibility and convenience? Crypto platforms take an edge in this case, as they can be accessed from anywhere in the world if you have a stable internet connection. It won’t cost you a lot to play a cryptocurrency casino game, while using a Las Vegas casino may be less convenient. Firstly, it requires physical presence. Secondly, trying can be way pricier, so not every beginner considers this option from the start.

Payment Methods

Payment and withdrawal methods can generally vary but the major option is to use cash, casino credit, cards, or e-wallets. Cash is used in most cases for being easy to exchange in ATMs or at cashier cages. In some casinos, such as Bellagio, you can use a casino credit to access the funds straight from the casino. Withdrawals include cashing out the chips earned throughout the game.

Variety of Games

Las Vegas casinos can boast a wide spectrum of games. You can try BlackJack, Roulette,  Bingo, Baccarat. The variety of crypto slots in 2023 you can find online is also huge. However, it’s much easier to update the BTC games and add new ones online to give users the best playing experience. Hence, the market of online slots can develop faster and be more flexible to the needs of the players.


Which casino do you need to choose? You can try and play both if there are no limitations for you, either in price, accessibility or any other matter. In general, crypto casinos are more accessible, cheaper, and offer a broader range of activities. Las Vegas casinos, on the other hand, can bring you a more enjoyable and brighter experience.If you don’t mind the accessibility and convenience, you can always try the physical places. But online casinos will always offer higher accessibility, better safety, and a diverse range of BTC games. And the main advantage is the presence of crypto payments online, which could not be an option in physical casinos yet.