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Discover Budget-Friendly Ways to Explore Saudi Arabia’s Holy Land

Saudi Arabia has become a popular destination since the region welcomed tourism. The Kingdom has many historical sites, modern buildings, stunning natural landscapes, and numerous religious sites. But we have yet to say it is a budget destination. As the region is still used to tourism, it is costly to explore Saudi Arabia. However, we can still discover budget-friendly ways to explore Saudi Arabia’s holy land. 

The Kingdom is very important to Muslims because of its holy sites. Mecca, a city in Saudi Arabia, is the sacred house of Allah Almighty. Believers in Islam not only turn to this sacred site for their daily prayers but also gather here for pilgrimages. Hence, you may be seeking cost-effective options for exploring the area. We are here with the most effective ways to help you plan a trip to Saudi Arabia on a budget. 

Tips to Discover the Holy Land of Saudi Arabia on a Budget 

Here are some valuable tips for exploring Saudi Arabia on a budget. 

  1. Travel during Off-Season 

The best way to save money and explore KSA is to travel during the destination’s low-demand season. It helps you get various deals and discounts, including flights and accommodation. So, if you want to explore the holy land of Saudi Arabia, you must avoid the peak season. The peak season for Umrah is the sacred month of Ramadan. 

The off-season lies between October, November, and December. There will be fewer tourists in the region, and you might get some good discounts. Flight fares also decrease considerably when fewer people are traveling to the region. 

  1. Book Your Flights and Accommodation Beforehand 

Last-minute bookings usually cost a lot extra. Therefore, spending extra money on last-minute flight and accommodation bookings is not wise without a strict budget. If you plan to go on a pilgrimage through Umrah deals, it’s advisable to book your packages several months before your desired departure date.

If you book everything separately, you can still browse various options and choose the cheapest one months before you want to travel. This will help you get the most affordable deals on flights and accommodation. 

  1. Consider getting an eVisa

KSA offers electronic tourist visas for everyone wanting to travel to the region for tourism or business purposes. Muslims from forty-nine countries can also perform Umrah and explore the sacred religious sites in the area with this tourist visa. Moreover, this is undoubtedly the most hassle-free visa you can get to the Kingdom.

The visa application process is online, meaning you can save time in your local Saudi embassy or at your travel agents. You can easily take care of the procedure yourself while saving considerable money. It is not only the most convenient option but is also the cheapest one. 

  1. Make a List of Holy Sites You Want to Visit

Once you have booked everything, you must start planning your stay in the Kingdom. There are many religious and historic sites in KSA that you can visit. Therefore, once you have performed your Hajj or Umrah, you must know what places you want to visit next. 

Making a list of sites and their location in the sacred city will be helpful for you. You can explore all the holy sites at a particular place before you travel to the next. Such planning will help you save a lot of money on transportation. Therefore, make sure you plan everything to ensure traveling to all the sacred sites in the region.

  1. Choose a Cheap Accommodation

Accommodations will eat up most of your budget. Therefore, if you have a strict budget, you must ensure that you choose cheaper accommodation. You will have to browse different options in your budget to check which will best suit your requirements. Many hotels in the region are perfect for people on a budget. You have to browse your options. 

Moreover, you can also consider getting an Airbnb instead of a hotel. This is the cheaper option and enables you to interact with the locals. It gives you a more culturally enlightening experience in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, this might be your ideal option if you want to discover budget-friendly ways to explore Saudi Arabia’s holy land. 


Exploring Saudi Arabia’s holy land on a budget is achievable with careful planning. Traveling during the off-season, booking flights and accommodation early, obtaining an eVisa, and choosing cost-effective lodging are key strategies. Additionally, planning your itinerary and listing the holy sites to visit can save on transportation costs. Also, If you’re planning a budget-friendly Hajj or Umrah, look for affordable packages from a reliable travel agency. By following these tips, you can experience the rich cultural and religious heritage of Saudi Arabia without overspending, making your pilgrimage both fulfilling and economical.