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As a Photographer, What Equipment Do You Need to Prepare for an In-Depth Global Exploration? Let’s Hear What Mattias Klum Has to Say

Discovering the Gear of Renowned National Geographic Photographer Mattias Klum

Mattias Klum, acclaimed for his breathtaking photography and filmmaking for National Geographic and The New York Times, travels to some of the most remote and challenging locations on Earth. His mission is to capture the beauty and vulnerability of endangered species, fragile ecosystems, and diverse cultures. Aspiring photographers often wonder what gear Klum relies on to produce such stunning work. Here’s an exclusive look at what’s in his backpack and valuable tips for those preparing for their own global adventures.

The Essentials in Mattias Klum’s Backpack

Top-Quality Cameras

Klum swears by the Nikon Z series, particularly the Z8 and Z9 models. These cameras offer high resolution, robustness, and exceptional image quality, making them perfect for the demanding environments Klum works in. For new photographers, investing in a high-quality camera like the Nikon Z series can significantly impact your photographic journey.

Reliable Flash Units

Klum’s go-to flash is the Nikon SB5000. This compact and portable flash unit provides consistent lighting, which is crucial for nature photography where natural light can be unpredictable. New photographers should consider a reliable flash unit to enhance their images in low-light settings.

Versatile Lens Selection

Klum’s lens arsenal includes a 14-24mm F2.8 for wide-angle shots, a 24-70mm for versatile use, and telephoto lenses like the 400mm F2.8 and 600mm F4 for capturing distant subjects. These lenses enable him to adapt to various photographic situations, from sweeping landscapes to intricate wildlife details. Beginners should start with a few versatile lenses to cover a range of scenarios.

Essential Accessories

In addition to his primary gear, Klum carries essential accessories like lens filters, cleaning kits, multifunctional tools, extra memory cards, and remote shutter releases. These items are vital for maintaining equipment and ensuring preparedness in any situation.

The Crucial Yet Overlooked Travel Adapter

One often overlooked but critical piece of gear is a travel adapter. For photographers like Klum, who travel internationally, having a reliable travel adapter to keep all devices charged is essential.

Why a Good Travel Adapter Matters

1. Global Compatibility: Electrical outlets and voltages vary by country. A reliable adapter ensures that your devices can be charged anywhere without compatibility issues.

2. Safety: High-quality adapters prevent overheating and electrical mishaps, ensuring your safety and the safety of your equipment.

3. Convenience: Modern adapters often feature multiple USB ports, allowing you to charge several devices at once, which is particularly handy for photographers with multiple gadgets.

4. Peace of Mind: With the right adapter, you can focus on your photography without worrying about finding compatible power sources.

Advice for New Photographers

Start with the Basics

Invest in a solid camera and a couple of versatile lenses. The Nikon Z series is a great option for its durability and quality.

Learn Your Equipment

Spend time understanding the features and limitations of your gear. Practicing in various conditions will help you become proficient.

Pack Smart

Carry essential accessories like extra batteries, memory cards, and a cleaning kit. These items are crucial for a smooth photography experience.

Plan for Power

Ensure you have a reliable travel adapter to keep your devices charged, especially when traveling to different countries.

Klum’s Endorsement

“As a photographer for National Geographic and The New York Times, I specialize in capturing endangered species and at-risk ecosystems. My work takes me to challenging environments worldwide. Reliable gear is non-negotiable. From cameras to storage media and travel adapters, I trust TESSAN WTA Series adapters for their durability and adaptability. They are professional tools for professionals.” — Mattias Klum


Professional photographers like Mattias Klum offer us a window into the hidden wonders of our world. By sharing his gear and travel essentials, Klum provides valuable insights for aspiring photographers. Investing in quality equipment and being well-prepared for all situations is crucial. Whether you are starting out or looking to upgrade your kit, take inspiration from seasoned professionals to enhance your photographic journey.

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