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The Most Discreet Sex Toys to Pack for Spring Vacation

As nature awakens this spring, so does the human libido, stirred by the rising temperatures and the promise of sultry moments between the sheets.

As many are planning their spring break vacations, consider enhancing the holiday experience by adding discreet sex toys to the packing list. Biird, the makers of innovative and stylish sex toys, share their bestselling, travel-friendly designs.


Resembling a sleek design object, Namii is an award-winning clitoral suction stimulator and vibrator. Namii features a transparent charging base that doubles as an ambient mood light, perfect for setting the tone wherever your adventures take you. With five suction intensities and vibration patterns, Namii promises hands-free pleasure wrapped in luxuriously soft silicone.


For those seeking discretion without sacrificing power, Evii is the perfect companion. Petite but powerful, this exotic fruit-shaped external vibrator is TSA-friendly and perfect for solo or couple play. Two potent motors deliver blissful vibrations to every erogenous zone, while the charging base doubles as a jewelry tray – truly multitasking at its finest


Experience the rejuvenating energy of spring with Pixii, a dildo made from rose quartz. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, rose quartz is known to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and peace. Its curved silhouette targets the G-spot with precision, and Pixii promises heightened pleasure, both physically and spiritually. Pixii also comes with an elegant, travel-friendly vegan leather pouch for discreet storage and transportation.