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Enchanting Twilight Activities at the Nautilus Maldives

Long are the hours in Maldives, where daylight activities associated with dreamy days, soaking up every inch of the sun, are the pinnacle of every holidaymaker. And after the sun goes down, there is more to discover on each castaway island of this Indian Ocean region. The Nautilus is one such island.

At this ultra-luxury hideaway, where day and night hardly differ as one crosses worldly time zones, the night becomes a prime time of activities for sleepless individuals. Known for its timeless concept of hospitality and free-spirited experiences, The Nautilus breaks conventions to ensure the guest experience is one of total liberation at every turn – of venturing into the unknown, of incredible experiences and adventures that revel in the true spirit of uninhibited freedom and are shaped by guests’ schedules according to what suits them best. 

An alternative world awakens

As darkness falls against the shimmering turquoise horizon, the Maldivian landscape is transformed into a canvas of captivating sunset hues, awakening an alternative world of endless possibilities. The Nautilus invites all to embark on a journey through time, as the private island resort unveils a collection of mesmerising night activities, designed to indulge the senses and leave guests breathless under the canopy of a million stars.

A variety of tranquil nocturnal activities

There is something for all kinds of night adventurers seeking an experience of a lifetime: from relaxing strolls under the moonlight, to night snorkelling by fluorescent light to discover a whole new world of marine species that emerge from their hiding places after sunset. Then there are indulgent gourmet experiences at dusky hours and exquisite locations, such as a private sandbank breakfast at the break of dawn or a midnight feast on a castaway island or luxury yacht surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean. Also in the offering is a series of relaxing and meditative rituals, such as a crystal singing bowl meditation, for a restful night’s sleep – journeys that promote overall wellbeing while guests bask in the moonlight at 2am, slowing the pace to embrace the tranquillity of the night

Top recommended night activities by The Nautilus team

Gazing at the spectacle of cosmos in the night sky

Miles away from cities of artificial lights, on The Nautilus, guests can marvel at the millions of stars and constellations up above, as the sun sinks low. Stargazers can choose from a number of secluded locations – a private sandbank, a luxury yacht or simply the beachside spot next to their accommodation – and learn about the wonders of the universe through high-powered telescopes.

An interactive lesson in artistic mixology

After dinner, Naiboli Poolside Bar offers a sensational cocktail mixing session, entertaining guests with creative mixology and inviting them to sip on digestives after a hearty meal. This introduction to exotic fruits, aromatic herbs and unique homemade concoctions encourages experimentation and self-shaken chilling cocktails – with the help of a skilful mixologist.

Unscripted dining under the stars

Leaving behind the familiar flavours of daily routines, island visitors delve into a world of gastronomic extravagance inspired by a variety of cuisines prepared by The Nautilus’s award-winning team of chefs. For added romance, diners can turn up the heat with some amorous treats; such as vintage champagne paired with aphrodisiacal tropical fruits, strawberries, chocolates or oysters; a floating breakfast at midnight; or an intimate wine tasting session in the comfort of their house or residence.