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Europe’s most family-friendly festival locations

With a third of music fans saying they would travel to short-haul destinations to see their favorite artists live* there’s always the added opportunity to squeeze the most out of the trip away. 

Searching for music experiences the whole family can enjoy can be less straightforward. In light of this, online travel agent loveholidays has revealed its top recommendations of Europe’s most family-friendly festivals. 

From Lollapalooza in Berlin, Germany, to Chateau de Bauregard in Normandy, France, these festivals are great for families, and the destinations themselves offer great holiday experiences.

Top Family-Friendly Festival Locations in Europe

Lollapalooza Berlin, Germany

Lollapalooza Berlin, born from the famous American festival, is more than just music—it’s a family affair. The festival also has ‘Kidzapalooza’, a festival within a festival that ensures your little ones have a blast with kid-friendly acts, workshops, and play zones. With free admission for kids under 10, it’s a pocket-friendly holiday option. Berlin’s rich history, landmarks, and family-friendly attractions are right on the doorstep for those wishing to venture beyond the music.

Dates: Sat, 7 Sept 2024 – Sun, 8 Sept 2024
Location: Olympiastadion Berlin

Rock en Seine, Paris, France

Rock en Seine is one of France’s best and biggest music festivals, featuring acts like Lana Del Rey, LCD Soundsystem and Massive Attack. The festival also has a designated family area called ‘Mini Rock en Seine’, containing everything from a caravan library of music-themed books to a portrait studio where kids can dress up as their inner rockstar

With everything from a, is filled with iconic sights, museums and culture that will keep the whole family entertained while exploring the city

Dates: 22nd – 25th August 2024
Location: Domaine national de Saint-Cloud

Festival Beauregard, Hérouville-Saint-Clair, Normandy

Set against the backdrop of Chateau de Beauregard in Normandy, Festival Beauregard – thrown by the legendary fictional ‘character’ John – has incredible music lineups for the adults, with previous artists including Florence + The Machine, Iggy Pop, Depeche Mode, and more. But there’s plenty in store for the little ones too – the festival is free for children aged 3 to 12, and in John’s Garden they’ll find an engaging and dedicated kids’ space. Children can participate in arts and crafts and face paint, or maybe learn how to juggle or play an instrument.

Dates: 4 Jul – 7 July 2024
Location: Hérouville-Saint-Clair, France

Tollwood Sommerfestival

Tollwood Sommerfestival is a cultural event held in Munich, Germany. It features a diverse program of music, theatre, circus performances, art exhibitions, and children’s entertainment. Most performances and activities are free and not ticketed, and the event focuses on environmental and social responsibility.

Dates: 21 June – Sun July 21, 2024
Location :Olympiapark Süd, Munich

Kaleidoscope Festival

Kaleidoscope Festival is a family-friendly event in Ireland that offers a mix of music, arts, and entertainment for all ages. From global stars to homegrown talent, the festival has everything from music performances, interactive art installations, workshops, circus acts, and much more – there are 100s of family activities to enjoy.

Dates: 28 – 30 June 2024
Locations Russborough House & Parklands, Blessington, Ireland. 

Top Tips for Taking Kids to Festivals

As safety is paramount when taking children to a festival, Amanda Jenner, parenting expert and founder of MyCarryPotty, shares her top tips for a successful festival trip.

  • Protect the ears: Festivals can be loud and children’s ear defenders will protect their sensitive ears. There are lots of different ear defenders available; read the product reviews to find the most suitable pair for your child. You can even get adult sizes to protect your own ears.
  • Designated meeting spot: Find a meeting spot for the whole family as soon as you arrive – near a landmark that’s easily found – just in case anyone gets split up. Make sure everyone knows where this is prior to starting your day. This is also a good option if you have older children who may explore on their own for a little while but often get lost.
  • Information wristbands: Create wristbands with all your contact information on as well as any allergies or conditions, just in case you get split up. Show your child the security staff or medical staff so they recognise who to approach.
  • Colourful clothing: Dress your kids in bright clothing so they can be easily spotted at all times.
  • Hydration: Keep your child fully hydrated at all times. Why not freeze some water bottles the night before so you have nice, cool water throughout the whole day? Also, don’t forget those all important snacks to keep them happy!
  • Comfort is key: For younger children, bringing something they find comfort in from home or something they are familiar with, such as a teddy or a blanket, can be a huge help.
  • Regular breaks: Don’t let your little one get overtired. Make sure you set time aside to let them recharge. Alongside this, festivals can be very overstimulating, try not to overwhelm them with being in the centre of it all. Sometimes a bit of time out in a quiet spot will help, especially if it’s their first time.
  • Plenty of preparation: Show them what a festival looks like online before you go, so they know what to expect. Let them choose some things at the festival beforehand that they would like to see, like fairground rides or specific workshops.

Chief of Marketing at loveholidays, Al Murray comments:“Holidays are a prime opportunity to slow down and create amazing memories with the family. Attending a family-friendly festival while on holiday will add value to your time abroad, as the family not only gets to explore a new destination but also experience something culturally enriching.”