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Granducato di Bracciano, the New Hotel Albergo Diffuso, announces opening in Spring 2024

The medieval Bracciano and its crystal lake are going to become a center for experiential tourism. Granducato di Bracciano announces the opening in Spring 2024 of New Albergo Diffuso Hotel. The Hotel is scattered in a medieval hamlet and promises a blend of luxury and local culture. The hotel is set to open in spring 2024, offering historical and luxurious accommodations. Each area is designed to be unique and the suites are furnished with hand-picked antique pieces.

Granducato di Bracciano includes:

  • 13 luxury medieval suites
  • A boutique hotel
  • A family resort with a pool
  • A historic palace featuring a Spa and Beauty Center
  • A traditional trattoria
  • A gourmet restaurant
  • A wine bar with bistro
  • A Champagne & D.J. Bar

“Our goal is to provide an authentic experience that allows our guests to fully immerse themselves in the life and history of Bracciano without sacrificing the amenities of a luxury hotel,” says Massimo Scialò, director of Eurotime Italia. The company, through its subsidiary Eurotime Horeca, manages this project. Scialò emphasizes that this initiative “represents a significant opportunity for the entire region, for a long time it has been out of international radars but now we want to enhance its tourist potential benefiting the local communities.”

Bracciano, a medieval hamlet rich in history and charm, has been a center of attraction for princes and popes from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The area is also known for its Etruscan and Roman heritage. It is the Romans that built the first aqueduct to bring the lake’s waters to Rome, since then it has been one of the city’s water supplies.

The hamlet’s strategic location is another plus. It is approximately 30 minutes from Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Fiumicino and a 25-minute train ride from Rome. Bracciano is, already but limitedly, renowned for its beautiful landscapes, including the famous Castle – the wedding site of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – and what is arguably Europe’s cleanest lake.

Granducato di Bracciano, opening this Spring, is set to become a beacon of the immersive tourism experience, bringing tourism to discover this new and uncontaminated part of Italy, ideal for those who seek unexplored and authentic destinations.