As hotels around the world reopen to the public and restrictions on travel and gatherings are increasingly relaxed, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is pleased to lead the hospitality industry with a thoughtful approach to celebrating special occasions, milestones and other important gatherings. Intimate gatherings amid grand settings are the focus as families, friends and colleagues eagerly regroup and celebrate the many personal milestones and annual get-togethers that were put on hold during the global pandemic lockdown.

“At this unprecedented moment in time, we feel fortunate to be welcoming back guests and are happy to help them create intimate moments of togetherness that focus on quality over quantity, where something small can be truly beautiful,” said Sharon Cohen, Vice President, Fairmont Brand. “With smaller social gatherings, people are observing the less is more philosophy right now, that bigger isn’t always better or that grandeur isn’t defined by size. A stunning natural vista or a rich, historic setting adorned with exquisite luxuries can be just as meaningful and powerful when shared with a select, hand-picked group of loved ones, where each and every guest feels special, valued and important.”

As a brand that has successfully navigated other life altering events such as World War II and The Great Depression, Fairmont understands the need to be adaptable and creative in times of uncertainty, change and adversity. The luxury brand also brings more than a century of history and a reputation for its grand and awe-inspiring destinations where special occasions have been celebrated and where momentous, world-changing events have occurred. Fairmont has also been a leader in social and community actions over many generations, from being the first global hotel company to introduce brand-wide environmental standards, to providing space for makeshift hospitals and community support in times of crisis, to hosting historic meetings of international significance.


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