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Family Camping Essentials: 7 Brands That Makes a Difference

If you are planning a family camping trip in Australia, it’s always good to be prepared for the testing conditions the Great Southern Land can throw at you.

One way to do this is to stock up on, or upgrade your essentials, like tents, sleeping bags, headlamps and camping ovens.

However, with so many brands around it can be difficult to know which of them offer the best performance, durability and value-for-money. So, for this reason, it is good to know some trusted players in the market.

Outlined below are seven brands that offer outstanding products that can really make a difference to your camping experience. If you stick to what they offer, you can’t really go wrong.

Snow Peak

Snow Peak is a well-established name in the camping product industry, with roots dating back to 1958 when its founder, Yukio Yamai, launched a line of premium climbing gear.

Now managed by his son, Toru, the company offers products for every aspect of the camping experience. This allows you to create a cosy and intimate campsite which includes areas for sleeping, socialising and cooking that are every bit as comfortable as your home.

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The North Face

Even if you are not a camper, there is a good chance you have heard of The North Face, as they are one of the most famous brands on the market.

Launched in San Francisco in 1968 to meet the growing demand for climbing gear, the company now offers pretty much anything you need for an outdoor, recreational adventure. This includes footwear and hiking boots, backpacks, tents and sleeping bags. However, they are probably best known for their apparel.

The company offers everything from bottoms, base layers and jackets to fleeces, tops and accessories, primarily for climbing, hiking, snowboarding and skiing.

Backed by technologies like Goose Down, Gore-Tex, Thermoball and Futurelight, the company encourages their customers to live by the motto, ‘Never Stop Exploring’.

Darn Tough

Socks, and the foot protection a good pair of them provide, are an important camping essential. So, if you are in the market for a new pair of them, you should check out Darn Tough.

Launched just under 20 years ago in Vermont, this company is renowned for making socks that are ‘unconditionally guaranteed’. They even allow you to return old pairs that didn’t quite live up to the promise for new ones.

The socks are made with sustainably sourced Merino wool and are designed for hiking, running and skiing. They also come in several funky designs including floral patterns, mountainscapes, animals and vegetables, which enable you to add a bit of personality to your overall ensemble.


Patagonia is widely acknowledged as being one of the world’s best and most comfortable outdoor clothing brands.

Ideally suited to everything from chairlifts and mountain summits to trail walking and desert campsites, there is a good chance you’ll see someone sporting the Patagonia logo on their clothing wherever you go.

The company is well known for its sustainability practices and commitment to environmentalism, which manifests itself through projects like 1% for the Planet. Since it was founded in 1973, it has also made a major investment in regenerative organic practices that have had a significant impact on the planet.


When it comes to backpacks, there is no brand quite like Osprey. This year is their 50th year of trading and in that time, they have become synonymous with high-quality, custom fit backpacks.

These come in all sizes and shapes including everything from casual sling packs for commuting and lightweight minimalist trail running vests to travel luggage and 85 litre backpacks for multi-day explorations.

Overall, their packs are suitable for a range of recreational pursuits, including skiing, mountain biking, hiking and even scuba diving. They all come with the company’s iconic ‘All Mighty Guarantee’, which commits to repairing any defect or damage (no matter how it came about) for free – irrespective of when it was purchased.

The company also maintains a strong focus on sustainability, by only using materials and fabrics that have a low environmental impact.


For many members of the camping fraternity, Coleman is their go-to brand. Whether it be survival gear, camp kitchen equipment or tents, they offer an extensive selection of camping and hiking gear to suit all needs.

Established in 1900, the company has come a long way since they launched their initial product – gas powered lanterns. Since then, they have built  an excellent reputation for making quality, yet affordable camping gear for any outdoor situation.


Deuter is an even older brand than Coleman, as it was established in Germany in 1898. They are another company that specialise in backpacks, in particular for biking, skiing, climbing, backpacking, travel and everyday life.

If you like your products to have lots of bells and whistles, Deuter packs will fit the bill. That said, they are also very functional and well-fitting and make a nice alternative to the range offered by Coleman.