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Family Summer Dude Ranch Vacation at Lone Mountain Ranch

While known for its incredible skiing, the summer months at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana are filled with the great outdoors, sunshine, activities, and adventures for the whole family to enjoy. The Historic Montana guest dude ranch is a vacation that embodies Montana and the spirit of the Old West, featuring vast wilderness, national parks, and breathtaking beauty. Located between Big Sky Resort and Yellowstone Park, the ranch features fine lodging in luxury, historic log cabins, dining at the Horn & Cantle Restaurant, and summer activities such as fly fishing, canoeing, Yellowstone tours, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, archery and more. Every Tuesday, the ranch hosts an authentic Rodeo and live Western concert in the saloon, exclusive to guests throughout the summer season you can’t get anywhere else. Guests enjoy farm-to-table cuisine, evenings around a glowing campfire, scenic horseback trail riding, and spectacular scenery, wildlife, and the overall western atmosphere that leave guests returning year after year.

Big Sky, Montana is an incredible mountain town with serene views and endless opportunities for immersing yourself in nature and enjoying the great outdoors. For over 100 years, Lone Mountain Ranch has been a symbol of the American West. The ranch had a seat at the table for the early days of Yellowstone Park, the formation of the town of Big Sky, the evolution of ranching and logging in the Northern Rockies and the preservation of this spectacular wilderness. It has become a world-renowned destination since it was homesteaded in 1915 with 30 unique rooms and cabins, that spans over 100 years. With the location in mind, the ranch offers guests a variety of outdoor seasonal expeditions and adventures all year round. Take a walk back through time to get a sense of Lone Mountain Ranch’s roots and the Real Montana you’ll find when you get there. This summer ranch should be on everyone’s list of places to visit!