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Free Things to Enjoy While Travelling

Travelling is a favourite form of pass-time or vacation for many individuals. Many people travel with a purpose, including exploring a foreign country, education, business, or health. All these accrue major costs if not planned properly. Fortunately, an online statistic reporting site reports that 13% of an individual travel budget goes to finding accommodation, travel means in one’s destination, and incidental expenses plus meals. 

The perception that travel is expensive to some extent is “Justified.” However, one can still enjoy a few free things while on route to your destination, including free games with a TrueBlue casino no deposit bonus while on the plane or your tour bus. Other interesting free things to enjoy while travelling include:

  • Museum Visits 
  • Walking/ Hiking Tours 
  • Going to Church 
  • Beach Sunbathe, Swim, or Tour 
  • Surf Online

Museum Visits 

Countries around the world believe in making their culture and history “Accessible” to interested parties. When moving from one city or country to another, consider visiting national museums as most will offer free tours or services. For instance, in London, major museums offer free entry but charge a fee for exhibitions. Individuals coming to the UK from all over the world can have a piece of the country’s history by visiting the Natural History Museum. Considered to be the “World’s Finest,” you can tour the incredible facility, which is open to the public any day of the week during open hours. London offers some of the best national galleries, an array of public buildings, and modern Art exhibitions/museums allowing public viewing!

Some national or world museums may not offer free services anytime. However, you can get in during “Free Sessions” dedicated to the public. For instance, the Louvre in Paris, one of the best locations to study French history and the city, is open on Sunday and offers free services the whole day. In addition, the MoMA offers 4 hours of “Target Free Friday” to New York residents to visit the museum starting four in the evening to eight at night. It is all a matter of dabbling with your itinerary to fit in the timelines and ensure maximum time spent on your favourite activity, “History and Art!”

Walking/Hiking Tours 

If you are passionate about your city or destination but have no money for the bus tour, convert it into a walking or hike tour. Most notable cities will have individuals offering walk tours to tourists, new students, and any other visiting person for free, or you can leave a tip! In most instances, the guides want to share more information about their cities, a guide to the best places on offer, quality sightseeing, and exploration! Search before joining any tour for safety purposes!

If unsure and prefer exploring alone, getting a navigational application for the city can aid in your exploration. You can walk to the local market and enjoy a few of the traditional flavours. You can spend your money on a better activity such as finding a souvenir for your journey back. Plus, markets provide quality insight into the people’s activities and culture more than spending your day in a hotel lobby or restaurant. 

Hiking doesn’t mean going up a mountain. It also means exploring the area surrounding the tourist attraction. In most instances, you will find trails leading to the best sights in the area but require you to explore on foot. Therefore, parking an extra comfortable pair of shoes for your hike can save you park fees. Plus, locals are often friendly and will show you a better experience if you decide to bike or walk through the community!

Go to Church 

Travellers can “Marvel” at iconic temples, churches, of Cathedrals in any city. These holy places offer an impressive architectural view, longer historical relevance in the city or world, and some have the best interior design and décor known to man. Visiting one church after another, such as Prague’s Tyn Church, admiring and taking pictures of the sunlight as it moves across the spires can be therapeutic, if not a mind-blowing experience. If not, you can always recheck and admire the gargoyles, pick a favourite and name him in Notre Dame de Paris. 

Many religious places are free to enter for the public. For instance, the Vatican City and church are open for individuals six days a week from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening. You can visit the Vatican and study the Vatican museums or attend one of their church mass whenever you visit Italy.  You can have your pick from the St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia, the Gergeti Trinity Church in Georgia, or the Cathedral of Brasília, Brazil. The Las Lajas Sanctuary in Nariño, Colombia, is a must-visit if your travel or tour follows that route!

Beach Sunbathe, Swim, or Tour 

Sunbathing or a warm swim in the sun can entertain and make your day more entertaining while travelling. All you need is to add a swim hammock to your travel package. Since most cities worldwide will have a beach, all you need is to find time to enjoy the beach. For instance, Paris, even though landlocked, provides beaches for its tourists during summer. Imagine what you can achieve in a country where the beach is freely accessible, like New York, the USA, or Sydney, Australia! So instead of lying along with the swimming pool in your hotel, get your swimming hammock and travel to the local’s beach, socialize and lie down along the beach!

Surf Online 

The great outdoors can be a perk for many, but it can be boring and overwhelming with no sense of fun or entertainment for others. However, such individuals derive joy from using the Internet, playing free pokies, and collecting large amounts from small betting activities. So if this is your perk, “Free Wi-Fi” should be your best friend. Today, many accommodations and entertainment places offer free Wi-Fi as an additional service. Today, you can visit any museum online via online platforms, view exhibitions, live gameplays, or research without going out. In addition, there are available applications you can use if you desire to read a book or watch a documentary. 


There are many things you can do for free at a destination or during a vacation. Having money doesn’t always make an experience unforgettable, but the combined knowledge and simple actions you include in a visit make it memorable. Straightforward activities like taking a walk in the market, engaging in a few biking or hiking tours, staying out in the sun along the beach, or surfing online for all possible free items you can get, can make your travel period much more enjoyable. You can try all the above free but enjoyable things to do while travelling on your next travel!