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G-RO CARRY-ON Launches Luxe Carbon Fiber Collection & New Colors

G-RO, the line of award-winning smart carry-ons recognized for reinventing the wheel with its large, dual-wheel design and GravityRoll™ technology, announces its 2018 offerings with the launch of its Carbon Fiber Collection and new colors, available now.

Inspired by the needs of the modern traveler and dedicated to delivering unmatched durability and impeccable design, G-RO’s new offerings include an entirely new collection made of luxe carbon fiber, a sleek material that’s extremely durable; a new bag color added to its Classic Collection: rich burgundy; and a new wheel/handle color: gold, available in its Carbon Fiber Collection.

Known for its unique strength and lightweight properties, G-RO has applied a special textile form of carbon fiber to its Carbon Fiber Collection Carry-On in a sleek, distinctive pattern, making the bags more resistant to sharp objects and water.

G-RO founder and head designer Netta Shalgi shares, “When rigid, this innovative material is as durable as steel, but not as heavy. We wanted a new take on our classic black carry-on, and thought by taking a different approach to carbon fiber, we’re able to create a luxe, sophisticated look that’s sure to turn heads, but still keep the bag lightweight and long-lasting.”

G-RO’s Carbon Fiber Carry-On is available in black with the option of silver, black, or gold wheels. Like the Classic Collection, the Carbon Fiber Carry-On will come fully equipped with a removable 10,000 mAh power bank (fully compliant with new FAA smart bag regulations), removable Tile Slim Bluetooth luggage tracker, and lifetime wheel warranty. G-RO’s Carbon Fiber Collection will also extend to its other luggage pieces due out in July 2018.

In line with G-RO’s mission to make travel easier for consumers, all 2018 G-RO Carry-On collections feature a new interior liner in the bag’s main compartment. The lining will be shaded in three blocks: light gray to dark gray, to identify “loading zones,” encouraging consumers to pack more efficiently and to get the most out of their G-RO. By packing heavier items on the bottom and lightweight items on top, travelers will benefit from G-RO’s unique low center-of-gravity profile.


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